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March Pets of the Month: Frank, George, Sammi

Frank, George and Sammi are honored to be selected as Pets of the Month. They’re known as “The Tribe” by their good friends as UT, and have turned into a harmonious furry family over the past year.

Frank is the elder statesman of the family. He is a 10 year old Sheltie-mix with a gentle and kind soul. He loves hanging out with his people on the couch, playing with his pack of friends, getting belly scratches and giving out smooches. He’ll never turn down a treat and would prefer to eat pizza and chips all day. He loves going for walks as long as there are no scary construction monsters lurking and his feet don’t get wet. He thinks his brother George is annoying, but has started to love him and is a good big brother.

George joined the family in December 2017. He is a 4 year old Chinese Crested Powderpuff, so he is 13 pounds of fluff and silliness. He can be a bundle of trouble sometimes, but he’s so cute he gets away with it. He loves stuffed toys, especially tearing them apart, and tug of war is his favorite game. He’s a hugger and out gives out kisses to anyone within reach. He has no fear and is the watchdog of the family. He finally stopped chasing Sammi a few months ago after she gave him a smack across the face.

Sammi runs the house. She is a 6 year old long hair tabby kitty. She is a love bug and likes to sleep on your legs, neck, pillow, laptop or anywhere she can be close enough for pets. She is an explorer at heart and will climb into any new bag, box or container that is brought into the house. Sammi is also a night owl and starts playing with toys and running around the house just when it’s bedtime. She tolerates her brothers, but knows that they can’t match her intellect. She’s jealous they get to go outside while she has to watch the birds from the window.

The family is so happy to be March Pets of the Month!

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