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April Pet of the Month: Murphy

Congratulations Murphy on being Urban Tailz April Pet of the Month! Murphy was born sometime in January 2017. He and his sibs, despite their impossible cuteness, had been left behind a gas station and picked up by a kill shelter. Luckily a kind family picked them up and he was fostered in Kentucky for a few weeks before his parents saw an ad for him and just knew they had to have him.

On St Patrick’s weekend 2017, the most mischievous ball of fluff ever born made his debut in the West Loop of Chicago. Since then, he’s been winning the hearts of everyone he meets, mostly with his disarming tendency to immediately flop on his back for belly rubs / sniffs at the sight of any and all passers by. He is a proud graduate of doggie obedience school, an accomplished swimmer, an experienced conflict negotiator, and a seasoned couch-chilling expert.

DNA testing suggests he is 25% beagle, 12.5% shepherd, 12.5% border collie, and 50% mixed herding breeds. Despite these results, his parents are 99% sure he thinks he’s human, as he strongly dislikes being left out of human activities, uses his front paws with impressive dexterity, voices his opinion when he wants to skip to the next song in the playlist, etc etc.

He is so grateful for the honor of April Pet of The Month (has inquired about when the trophy will arrive or whether there will be a ceremony) and would like to thank his best friend Joanna, without whom this tremendous achievement could not have been possible. To give his fans a look behind the curtain, he has compiled and shared the below list of likes & dislikes:



Belly rubs

Chopped vegetables (except radish)

Birthday steaks


My fulfilling career as an alarm clock

Fetch (I am really good)


Licking lotion off my parents’ legs

Unique couch / lounging positions

The beach


GRATES ON SIDEWALK (whose idea were those???)

Late mealtimes

Radishes + lemons

When mom and dad dance (makes me nervous)

When mom and dad stand at opposite ends of the hall and try to make me pick a side (makes me panic)

Christmas outfits

Garage doors opening (/closing)

Bath time

Roomba (wtf)

The “boop” game

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