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decoding cat chatter

Decoding Cat Chatter

Decoding Cat Chatter cat vocals Cats often get a bad rap for being hard to read. I agree, in that they definitely keep me on my toes (and I love them for it). However, as someone

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December Pet of the Month Ace
Pet of the Month

December Pet of the Month: Ace

Congratulations to Ace on being UT December Pet of the Month. Ace is a Paws rescue who loves adventure dog walks because he gets to find squirrels and sticks. Read more about Ace here.

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missy dog october pet of the month
Pet of the Month

October Pet of the Month: Missy

October Pet of the Month: Missy October Pet of the Month I’m Missy (aka Miss Miss, Princess Licky Licky, or St. Stubbornicus III). I’ve lived with a couple of different families already but it seems third

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