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May Pets of the Month: Blue & Clementine

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may pets of the month

Congratulations to our May Pets of the Month Blue and Clementine! They are golden retriever siblings who were chosen because they are UT staff favorites. Clementine is our star Adventure Dog Walker while Blue enjoys his strolls around the neighborhood with his UT walkers.

Blue is a frisky 11 (at the end of this month).  He is an old soul who bonds quickly and deeply with most he meets these days.  He is our family ambassador at home and abroad.  When he meets any new dog friend, after they finish their sniffs, he also always intros himself to their people.  He has a great smile, believes every ball in the world is his, wants to enter every body of water he sees (including puddles) and wishes it snowed every day.  He is happiness concentrate. 

Clementine is the light of our world from the day she marched into our lives.  She is 6 and still looks like a pup.  She’s quite the athlete- the fastest golden I’ve ever seen, is so strong that I sometimes wonder if she’s bionic. She fiercely protects us from all threats including cartoons and those dogs who can drive on tv.  She is also a world class snuggler and can heal any ailment.