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January Pet of the Month: Harry

pet of the month

A tri-color Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, January Pet of the Month Harold (“Harry”) was born in North Carolina on December 7, 2015. He inherited his father Duke’s tall and strong physique, quickly climbing to the top of bell curve for his breed’s size. Life took Harry to Chicago a couple months later, where he met and moved in with his new parents. Adapting to city life took a bit of time for Harry: leash walking and busy streets were a bit of a challenge, but he soon grew comfortable in his Lincoln Park lifestyle cruising the neighborhood window shopping and chasing squirrels and bunnies. He has nothing but tender love in his heart for everyone and everything (except plush toys, on which he chews ravenously). Some of Harry’s likes and dislikes include:



Hanging by the lake

Sleeping on people’s heads

Watching U of Michigan football

Recreating the awkward seal meme

Being with family

Long walks with friends

Good food

Making awkward jabbing motions with his legs while I chew on his paws


Road trips



Having his picture taken

Public transportation

Watching U of Michigan football

The entire state of Ohio

Driving on Interstate 94 for more than an hour

Pumpkins (especially pumpkin costumes)

Playing Florida every year in a Bowl Game

Having to pretend he’s a service dog

Busch Light

The Doodle craze #cavaliers4lyfe

Harry has also made some great friends in Chicago, particularly in the Urban Tailz community. Whether it be lazy afternoons spent on the rooftop deck or cozy pajama party nights, he is at his happiest hanging around with the crew. It wears him out but is worth it every time!

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