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I have been working for Urban Tailz since 2009 after moving to Chicago from Michigan. I have a background in sales and hospitality, and I strive to make Urban Tailz the Four Seasons of dog walking.

December Pet of the Month Ace

December Pet of the Month: Ace

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Congratulations to Ace on being UT December Pet of the Month. Ace is a Paws rescue who loves adventure dog walks because he gets to find squirrels and sticks. Read more about Ace here.

lola the dog with a big smile as she stands on 2 legs looking for pets

July Pet of the Month: Lola

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Lola is a sweet coonhound rescued by One Tail at a Time from Arkansas. Read more about Lola here.

rita the dog sleeping on her back on the couch with yellow blanket keeping her warm

House Sitting vs. Boarding

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Thinking of taking a trip soon after getting vaccinated? We go over the benefits of in-home house sitting vs taking your pet to a kennel.

pet of the month jerry laying on a bed with his head resting comfortably in his paws

May Pet of the Month: Jerry

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May Pet of the Month is a rescue from Oklahoma who is far too cute for his own good, and he knows it. He’s a great snuggler, loves playing fetch with his ball, and enjoys chasing birds when he’s out on walks.

close-up of dog with tongue out

April Pet of the Month: Milo

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Milo is the most affectionate, goofy, friendly, smart and lovable 11 month Mini Bernedoodle who weighs in at a whopping 43 pounds (mostly fur) and loves to play and make friends with humans and doggos.

a yellow lab and a terrier mix on an adventure dog walk with luscious trees and a river in the background

Our Favorite Adventure Gear

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We treat our Adventure Walks like hikes (because they basically are). As such, we like to come prepared with water, snacks and durable dog gear. It also doesn’t hurt to have a towel in the trunk just in case.