In need of a dog walker or pet sitter for your dog or cat? Urban Tailz has been providing daily dog walking, cat sitting, house sitting, and other pet services in most neighborhoods on the North Side of Chicago since 2000. We are one of the oldest and most well-known dog walking companies in Chicago. Urban Tailz provides the same midday dog walker daily, flexible scheduling (including last-minute needs), an easy to use app, and easy monthly billing. There are many dog walking and cat sitting options in the great city of Chicago, but we believe Urban Tailz is right for your needs. Let us help you with your dog walking or pet sitting needs!

Have a quick question or interested in signing up? Text us at 773-250-1767.

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Scheduling dog walks weeks in advance, having to buy your visits in packages, or needing to hit a weekly quota of walks? Do you have to decide days in advance whether you’ll need a walk or not?

Sign up with Urban Tailz and gain the flexibility you need as well as quick and painless scheduling. Schedule visits when you need them, even last-minute. Cancel your walks up to 2 hours before your time window at no charge.

Have you worried about if your pet was cared for or not been able to get ahold of anyone to give you an answer? Felt like communication was lacking?

Urban Tailz uses Time to Pet© software that provides detailed visit reports and easy chat-like communication all in the convenience of an iPhone or Android app.

Do you know who’s going to show up to your home to walk your pet(s)? Have different people showing up all the time without ever knowing who will be walking your pet(s) on a given day?

Urban Tailz provides the same daily dog walker for your pet(s). If your walker ever needs a day off, then we will send you a message letting you know someone else is coming that day.

Worried about who has keys to your home at any given moment? What about someone losing your keys? Maybe you’ve been locked out of your home in the past and had to call a locksmith. What if things were easier?

Urban Tailz provides clients with their own lockbox which can be set with any 4-digit code the client wishes so they always have access to their keys at all times. The lockbox is your’s to keep, and we will replace the box free of charge if if breaks.

Join the Urban Tailz family and experience how pet care should be.

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Urban Tailz has been providing daily dog walking and cat sitting services since 2000. We’ve learned a lot over the years and feel we have the experience to provide the best services for your pets. Urban Tailz is large enough to compete with the big tech companies that have emerged in the dog walking space the last few years, but we also have the ability to provide the personal touch of a smaller company that our clients love.

Urban Tailz is licensed, bonded, and insured to provide dog walking services in the city of Chicago. Our dog walkers and pet sitters are all background checked, and we will never hire anyone with any criminal background. Our dog walkers and pet sitters spend their first week with Urban Tailz going through our specialized training program before they are able to start taking care of our clients’ pets on their own. Our visits are GPS tracked, and our managers are always keeping a watchful eye on our dog walkers and pet sitters.

We also believe it’s important for our pets to build a bond with their dog walker so we provide the same dog walker daily. Your dog walker have a day off? We will let you know beforehand if another walker is coming that day. We don’t want any surprises for our clients!

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We live fast-paced, hectic lives and expect solutions to be easy and at the touch of our fingers. Why should dog walking be any different? That’s why Urban Tailz uses Time to Pet© software that makes scheduling walks, communicating with your walker, and even paying your bill all from your iPhone or Android phone extremely easy.

We also understand your schedule can change at a moment’s notice. That’s why we provide easy, flexible scheduling as well as last-minute cancellations. Schedule last-minute visits if needed or cancel a walk if you’re headed home early from work.

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How will I know when my dog was walked?

You will receive a detailed visit report the moment your visit has been completed by your dog walker with our Time to Pet© app. The report includes fun pictures of your pet(s) out on the walk as well as how they did on their walk. You are also able to send messages through the Time to Pet© app so it’s very easy to communicate with your walker as well as UT management.

Will I always have the same dog walker?

Yes! You will always have the same midday dog walker unless your walker needs a day off for some reason. We will send a message either the night before or the morning of letting you know if your dog walker needs the day off and a substitute walker is coming.

What is the price for a dog walk?

Our most popular service is our 30-min midday dog walk which is $20/visit.

We have puppy walks for our puppy clients which are 20-min visits done 2-3 times per day. Those visits are $14/visit.

If your dog has extra energy and could use a longer visit, then our 50-min visits are $30/visit.

Is Urban Tailz licensed and insured?

Yes! Urban Tailz is insured and bonded through Kennel Pro. Kennel Pro is highly regarded in the pet sitting industry. Clients have access to our up-to-date insurance information in the documents tab on their account. Urban Tailz is a LLC and is licensed to provide pet care services in the city of Chicago.

Will my dog be walked with other dogs?

No! We want your pet’s time to be special so we will only walk your pet(s) during their visit. We will never walk multiple client’s pets unless neighboring clients ask that their pets be walked together.

Do you run background checks?

Of course! We care just as much as you do about our new dog walkers being trustworthy while taking care of our client’s pets and being in our client’s homes. We run background checks on all new walkers and pet sitters. We do not hire any walker with any sort of criminal record. There are no exceptions.