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House Sitting Services

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Our House Sitting Services

Heading out of town? Urban Tailz provides in-home house sitting services for your pets. We will move into your home and spend most of our free time taking care of your pets and doing anything you need done around the house (bringing in the mail, watering plants, etc). We stick to your pet’s routine as best we can and send lots of pics/updates so you know your pets are having fun while you’re away. 

Our house sitters have been background checked and have been regular dog walkers for a period of time before becoming house sitters. They are our most trusted employees. Urban Tailz is also licensed, bonded, and insured to provide pet sitting services in Chicago.

Please note: Our house sitting services are for regular midday dog-walking clients only.


all-inclusive pricing
price available upon request

How our house sitting works is you’ll let us know when you’d like us to move into your home and then when you’d like us to move out that last day before you arrive back home. We’ll move into your home and spend most of our free time taking care of your pup, and doing anything you need done around the house (bringing in the mail, watering plants, etc). 

There might be times we need to leave your home to do other walks, run errands, etc, but we will never leave your pup for more than 5 hours at a time (less for puppies) and no more than 8 hours in a day. We’ll make sure your pup is fed during his normal feeding schedule, and we’ll make sure they get plenty of walks and playtime while we’re living in your home. We send lots of fun updates letting you know how the day went, and will include some fun pictures of how we spent our day playing. We try to make your time away as stress-free as possible. 

Our house sitting services are $100/day and then there’s a sliding scale for that last day when you get home depending on how long you need us to stay before you’ll be home. 

We have many great house sitters and always try to keep thing as consistent as possible, so we’ll figure out what sitter works best for your needs and schedule, and will always ask them first when you need to schedule a house sitting. We set up an initial meeting with you and the house sitter so they can meet your pet and so you can go over everything with them. If for some reason your usual sitter is unavailable during one of your subsequent schedule requests, we will find a suitable replacement and have them come over beforehand so you and your pup can meet them as well. 

PLEASE NOTE: We do require a proper bed for our house sleepers to sleep on while they are living in your home. A couch or air mattress is unacceptable. We want our sitters to feel comfortable while they’re sleeping in your home!

Absolutely! We want you to know who is staying in your home while you’re away. We will set up an initial meet and greet with your house sitter before your upcoming house sitting. 

Of course! We have a quick questionnaire that we send to our house sitting clients that covers all rules of your home (no guests, no eating your food, where to sleep, what areas are off-limits, etc) so you and your house sitter are on the same page while they are living in your home. 

Urban Tailz uses Time to Pet software with text-like communication that makes it easy to communicate with your sitter while you’re away. Our managers also see the communication between you and your house sitter, so we always know what is going on and can help with anything if needed.

Our house sitting rate is all-inclusive so there is no extra charge for walks.

We charge our house sittings like a hotel stay, so full price is charged for each day the house sitter spends the night. There is then a sliding scale the final day when you arrive home depending on how long you need your house sitter to stay before you arrive back home. 

Want to Sign Up for New Services?

If you would like to schedule your initial meet and greet with a manager before starting services, feel free to use the scheduler below to schedule whatever time works best for you. If you’re inquiring about more info before starting services or wish to schedule a weekend meet and greet, click the “Send us a Message!” button below the scheduler to get started, or Send a Text Message.

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