Meet our Amazing Team of Dog Walkers and Pet Sitters

meet our pet sitters

Urban Tailz has been providing daily dog walking, cat sitting, and pet sitting services on the North Side of Chicago since 2000, providing over 750,000 visits to thousands of happy pets. We are one of the oldest and highest-rated dog walking companies in Chicago. We have learned so much over the years, and we strive to continually improve our services for our clients. We believe technology is vital to our business, but that a personal touch is the most important thing for our clients.

Our pet sitters are employees who have been background checked and have gone through a week-long training course before providing pet care services on their own. Urban Tailz does not use independent contractors like many dog walking companies, which means our pet sitters are well-trained, held up to a higher standard, and covered by all Urban Tailz insurance. Urban Tailz is also licensed, bonded, and insured to provide pet sitting services in Chicago. 

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dog walker


Hi, I’m Muriel! I am an artist that loves to draw and paint, my favorite medium being watercolor. My second passion is music, I’m obsessed with finding new artists and diving into older music I may have missed.

After school, I spent 4 years in food service working as a barista, and just as many years working in retail. Though I always enjoyed connecting with customers and working with a team, I was unhappy with the culture of big corporations.

I’ve loved dogs all my life and spent my entire childhood begging for a puppy to no avail. I now have a puppy named Zelda who is a little fireball of energy and love. I’ve joined Urban Tailz so I can meet furry friends while spending more time enjoying the outdoors.

dog walker


Hi there! My name is Sean and I originally hail from way out west in Phoenix, AZ. I moved to Chicago 8 years ago to pursue music as an audio engineer, songwriter and producer. I’ve had the good fortune of being able to travel the country playing music to hosts of wonderful people and find that making real human connections in the world is such a rewarding passion.

That’s also something I love about being able to walk dogs in the city! It keeps me on the move and engaged with the world outside. And of course there’s always the companionship you get hanging out with your pups every day! I feel that creating strong, trusting bonds with animals is often just as rewarding as with people.

meet your pet(s) new best friend: our pet sitters

dog walker allie


Hi everyone! My name is Alexandra but you can call me Allie. I moved to Chicago a few years ago from Indiana and am currently finishing up my Environmental Science degree at Loyola University Chicago. I absolutely love being in the city and spending the majority of my freetime outdoors. When I’m not walking the city or trying out new restaurants, I’m most often laid back with a book or listening to new music and artists. Music is one of my favorite ways to relax and unwind!
My love for animals has been with me since I was a little kid, as I grew up with three dogs of my own, two cats, and three guinea pigs! This past year I also  fostered two dogs to adoption and have had experience with both large and small dogs. I am so excited to start walking with Urban Tailz and am looking forward to spending some time with all the cute pups, since I miss playing with my dogs Murphy, Sadie, and Ducky back at home 😄
dog walker Alyssa


Hello, I’m Alyssa! I recently moved to Chicago from San Diego, Ca and I absolutely love living here! I grew up on a farm on the central coast of California and have been working with animals of all kinds since I was a young kid, being around them brings me so much joy! 

Professionally I am a hairstylist and former salon owner, and have always done pet sitting and dog walking on the side throughout my hair career. Since moving to Chicago I’ve taken a small break from hair to get to know the city, and I’m super excited to have dog walking be front and center in my life at Urban Tailz! 

When I’m not spending time with your fur children I’m typically exploring the city, finding good vegan restaurants, hiking, traveling or hanging out with my husband, our rescue pup Kensley, and our adopted Cockatiel, Horace. 

Thank you for trusting me with your four legged family members, I can’t wait to spend time with them!

cat sitter annalisa


Hi! I am a long-time animal lover and certified yoga teacher. I have a day job in customer service with a special interest in health care benefits and defined contributions, 401(k) savings plans. I have a Chantilly kitty of my own named Kimiko. I enjoy hiking and traveling. I know it can be tough to leave your furry friends while out on adventures; I am happy to help with care and love 🙂

dog walker


Hi! I’m Annie, and I love dogs more than anything! I grew up in Oak Park just outside of Chicago and have lived here and loved it ever since. I left for a few years to attend school in Tacoma, Washington, and while it was beautiful there I missed my dog, my city, and my people so much I had to come back.

I am so excited to be walking with Urban Tailz, can’t imagine anything better than being paid to hang out with and care for dogs all while actively exploring the neighborhoods of Chicago through fresh eyes.

I grew up with all kinds of pets, dogs being the stars of the show. Recently, I moved into my own place where I cannot have pets, so I’m extremely excited to be able to keep dogs in my everyday life. I have been walking and sitting them for almost 10 years, and am now driving a doggy daycare school bus in the mornings- I am living and breathing dog transportation and I am so grateful for the trust involved with this line of work.

Outside of being a pet sitter and driving pups around I love cooking, crafting, hiking, and vegging out watching tv- all things that are better with a furry friend around!

dog walker aubrie


Hi, there! My name is Aubrie. I grew up in a *very* tiny farming community (we literally had “drive your tractor to school”-day) in central Illinois surrounded by animals of all types, shapes, and sizes, so you could say that my love for animals started at a young age! I moved to the Chicagoland area in 2012 and have stuck around ever since. Chicago is a far cry from the rural area I group up with, but I’ve found the city to be full of many like-minded pet lovers such as myself, which is what inspired me to begin working as a dog walker in 2016! I have continued to work in some form of pet care since then.

I currently reside in Logan Square with my partner and our grumpy 13 year-old dachshund named Charlie Brown! When I’m not caring for doggos, you can find me reading, roller skating, or creating resin art.

Can’t wait to meet your fur babies!

dog walker


I grew up in rural Illinois and moved to Chicago in 2005. I now live with my girlfriend, her two kitties Bela and Gus, and our crazy rabbit Choo Choo. I started working for Urban Tailz in 2006, and it has been my home ever since.

There is nothing better than spending my day with all my furry companions! Animals are my life, and I couldn’t imagine not being around them everyday.

dog walker


Hi my name is Brenda!! I was born here in Chicago but moved to Michigan when I was 14. I enjoyed the fresh air and country life there but the city lights were calling me back home to Chicago. So I moved back when I was 21 and I’ve been here ever since enjoying all the great things this city has to offer.

In my free time I enjoy spending time with my fur babies and also my family. I also enjoy going to the movies, bowling and camping. I joined the urban tailz team because I’ve always actually wanted to work with dogs. So I’m excited to walk your pets! I’ll treat them as they were my own.

dog walker charlie


Recent graduate from Columbia College Chicago majoring in music and minoring in music business. My main interests are music and soccer. I grew up with two cats and a small pug and I adored all of them equally. I have a special place in my heart for animals and I promise to give them all the love and attention they need when I am walking/looking after them.

dog walker


I’m a Chicago native going to school right now pursuing my recording arts degree at Columbia. I enjoy the city a lot and know just about every inch of it as I have loved all over.

I have been around dogs since I was born, and I have a great passion for animals as a whole. I have trained large breed dogs and also have two of my own named blue and dexter who I love very much.

My hobbies include gaming and anything sound design.

douglas cat sitter


Hello, my name is Douglas and I’m looking forward to meeting and watching your cats! Originally from the western suburbs, I moved to the city half a year ago to experience life in the big city. Outside of cat sitting I am a chef happily learning whatever I can about food.

I have a deep love of nature that was cultivated through my years in the Boy Scouts of America. This also grew my love for animals as I was able to constantly out in the forest watching them and learning how pure they are.
dog walker


Hi! I’m Edin. I’m from Montana but moved to Chicago to attend Northwestern. After gaining a degree in Music, I’ve decided to stay in Chicago because I love it so much.

I am a huge animal lover and outdoors person. I’ve had many dogs growing up and just miss being around them since I live in an apartment that doesn’t allow pets. Working for Urban Tailz allows me to get my dog fix. I’m excited to be walking your furry children!

dog walker Emma


Hello! My name is Emma. I just recently moved to Chicago from northern Wisconsin, and am so excited to begin this new chapter. I have always wanted to live here, and I can think of no better way to get to know the city than being shown around by the doggos! 

My background includes a double major in Theatre/Drama and Psychology from the University of Wisconsin- Madison. After college, I spent a year working in a mental health residential treatment facility for teen girls. I am working on applying to graduate school here in Chicago, and plan to pursue a career in clinical psychology as well as drama therapy.

I grew up having dogs and can not imagine a life without them. While in Madison, and away from my dog who stayed with my parents, I did my share of dog sitting/walking and home management for busy families. It gave my life so much balance, and I am so excited to have found a way to do it again through Urban Tailz!

dog walker


Hey, I’m Iliana! I love spending time with my pet family, exploring the city, recording music, reading, and watching sports in my free time. I have worked with Urban Tailz for a couple years and am very experienced with all different types of dogs! Living in Chicago my whole life made me get used to all the different weather conditions and know my way around the neighborhoods. Being outdoors is definitely how I like to spend my days, as the fresh air and calming breezes always soothes my mind.

I am currently working at Menards as well, where I mainly bring freight to the store from the warehouse. Planning on finishing school with a major in advertising and hopefully get a job where I can let my creativity go!

jackie dog walker


Hello everyone! My name is Jackie and I use they/them or he/him pronouns. I’m very excited to meet you and your beloved pet and to be a part of the fantastic team at Urban Tailz!
I have lived in Chicago since the summer of 2015, but I’m originally from Ohio. I love all animals and I have a cat at home named Simon. He’s very chatty and loves to get as many pets as possible. I’m looking forward to meeting more! I grew up with a family dog and loved getting outside for fresh air with her everyday.
In the city I am also a professional actor and I love spending my spare time reading or bingeing TV shows. Thank you for letting me get to know your pets!


Hi. I am Jean, a lifelong Chicagoan and enthusiastic Dog Walker. We have two small dogs at our house (Boston Terrier named Dora, and Yorkie named Dottie), but I really love larger breeds too. Caring for dogs is a lot of work, that doesn’t feel like work. Thank you for trusting me with your fur babies!

I’ve recently retired from a long, rewarding career as a Licensed Massage Therapist, and am looking forward to many aspects of this new position. The old saying “a tired dog is a good dog” is just so true.

When not caring for your pet(s), I enjoy writing (and occasionally get published), travel, painting furniture, estate sale and resale shopping, and I just started Spanish language class.

I live in the Gold Coast, and am excited to watch our beautiful city come back to life over summer.

dog walker Jeff


I am an animal lover who has been looking after dogs and cats since I was 10 years old. I am originally from Carol Stream, IL but have lived in Chicago for the past five years working as a Jeff Award-winning actor in musical theatre across the Chicagoland area.

When he I’m not performing, I love spending time listening to music and taking walks to the beach (if the weather allows!) I looks forward to getting to know the personalities of each pet I take care of, and personalizing each visit to maximize the enjoyment for each of your furry friends.

joanna dog walking manager


I’m a freelance writer, originally from Louisville, Kentucky. I used to work at an advertising agency but joined Urban Tailz in 2016 after I realized I’d much rather hang out with animals than ad execs. I grew up in a house full of pets––dogs, cats, rats, chickens, bearded dragons, the works––and currently have two cats of my own. In my spare time, I enjoy doing improv and stand up, and watching an ungodly amount of Real Housewives with my cats.

dog walker


Hello, I’m Kathy! I grew up in a small town in Illinois and went to NIU for my Bachelor degree. I moved down south for 8 years where I worked in fitness and raised two beautiful Labradors.

Now that I’m back up north, I’m an in-home personal trainer and help take care of my clients pets when they are out of town. I’m very passionate about all animals and their happiness so this is absolutely the best job for EVERYONE involved.

dog walker


Hi, I’m Kelly! I grew up in Iowa and moved to Chicago in 2013. My husband and I currently live downtown with our sassy mini-goldendoodle Olive. I love dogs, walking, and being outside, so I’m thrilled to be able to explore the city with new furry friends!

When I’m not doing something dog-related, I enjoy hiking, reading, listening to podcasts, and eating an inadvisable amount of pizza.

laura dog walker

LAURA (dog walker)

I’m a lot of things…north-sider, social worker, cyclist….but of all, I’m thrilled to spend time with your dear pup while you are away.

I’m new to Urban Tailz, but have had dogs all my life. I was heavily involved with PAWS, and eventually adopted my own sweet girl who stole my heart and changed my life forever.

Whether your pup is ready for action, or on the shy-side (my favorite!), all dogs are very special to me, and I look forward to giving them lots of love and a good time outside. 

I look forward to meeting you!! 

cat sitter laura

LAURA (cat sitter)

Hi, I’m Laura! I moved here to Chicago from Indiana to study visual art. Like many of the creative persuasion, however,  I have not made my field of study into a career…Instead I turned my long-standing passion for thrifting and vintage into an online, pop-up, and brick-and-mortar business and have been selling vintage clothing and home furnishings for 13 years.

When I’m not on the hunt for treasures at estate sales and thrift shops, I’m also performing vocals and/or keyboards in two bands, and eating my way through the vegan-friendly restaurants in Chicago. I’m also a longtime multiple cat owner and black cat aficionado. 

I’m so happy to be working with Urban Tailz! Visiting and caring for all the client kitties has been a dream job for me, and the management staff are incredible to work for!! 

dog walker


I moved to Chicago in 2006 from Nebraska, and strangely enough, was not a football fan. I joined Urban Tailz in 2007, and I’ve become so fond of all my doggie friends. Going on long walks, teaching new tricks, and giving good scratches behind the ears are my specialty. When I’m not playing with my furry friends, I enjoy painting and creating things.

dog walker nataly


Hi! I’m Nataly, a Chicago native studying to become a accredited veterinary technician. Currently living in the Edgewater neighborhood with my cats Jackson and Emmitt, and my sixteen year old pup Elara Boo.

I grew up around all types of animals, spending some time at a farm as a kid, and then growing up with more domestic animals such as rabbits, cats, and dogs.

My hobbies include spending time in nature, painting, and spending time with my furry kids.

dog walker stephanie


Hi there! My name is Stephanie. I was born and raised in the city of Chicago. I live on the North side of the city with my husband, our two pups, Emmet and Yogi, and our cat, Kat.

During my college years I did dog walking and cat sitting and fell in love! After graduating college, I realized how much I loved working with animals that I decided to pursue a career as a dog groomer. I have 11 years of grooming experience.

Recently I decided to step away from my long time grooming career and pursue another dream of mine which is to get certified as a Holistic Nutritionist, and Personal Trainer. I am so happy to have found Urban Tailz where I could still do what I love and work with dogs and cats, while pursuing my other love in the health and wellness field. I am beyond excited to be apart of the Urban Tailz team, and getting to hang out with some adorable furry friends!

In my spare time, I love cooking healthy, vegan meals, working out, taking my pups out on adventure walks, volunteering at Chicago Canine Rescue, going on bike rides, and traveling to small towns in the mountains.

dog walker


Hi! My name is Willy, I’m an actor/comedian originally from Littleton, Colorado. I moved to Chicago right out of high-school for school, where I went to Columbia College to study Musical Theater and Comedy Writing. I then moved to Los Angeles for a few years, and am now very happy and excited to be back in the Windy City.

Growing up, I was always surrounded by dogs, usually a cross breed of some sort. I’d spend hours walking them, rough-housing with them, or just chilling and watching Frasier with them (their favorite).

I love comedy, I love to perform, I love to write, I love to bike, and I love hanging with cool dogs all day. I’m very happy to be working with Urban Tailz and hanging with some four-legged friends.