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Meet our Amazing Team of Dog Walkers and Pet Sitters

meet our pet sitters

Urban Tailz has been providing daily dog walking, cat sitting, and pet sitting services on the North Side of Chicago since 2000, providing over 750,000 visits to thousands of happy pets. We are one of the oldest and highest-rated dog walking companies in Chicago. We have learned so much over the years, and we strive to continually improve our services for our clients. We believe technology is vital to our business, but that a personal touch is the most important thing for our clients.

Our pet sitters are employees who have been background checked and have gone through a week-long training course before providing pet care services on their own. Urban Tailz does not use independent contractors like many dog walking companies, which means our pet sitters are well-trained, held up to a higher standard, and covered by all Urban Tailz insurance. Urban Tailz is also licensed, bonded, and insured to provide pet sitting services in Chicago. 

Meet your new best friends: our managers

Carine and Erik



Client Success Manager





meet every pet(s) best friend: our lead pet sitters

dog walker


Hi! I’m Annie, and I love dogs more than anything! I grew up in Oak Park just outside of Chicago and have lived here and loved it ever since. I left for a few years to attend school in Tacoma, Washington, and while it was beautiful there I missed my dog, my city, and my people so much I had to come back.

I am so excited to be walking with Urban Tailz, can’t imagine anything better than being paid to hang out with and care for dogs all while actively exploring the neighborhoods of Chicago through fresh eyes.

I grew up with all kinds of pets, dogs being the stars of the show. Recently, I moved into my own place where I cannot have pets, so I’m extremely excited to be able to keep dogs in my everyday life. I have been walking and sitting them for almost 10 years, and am now driving a doggy daycare school bus in the mornings- I am living and breathing dog transportation and I am so grateful for the trust involved with this line of work.

Outside of being a pet sitter and driving pups around I love cooking, crafting, hiking, and vegging out watching tv- all things that are better with a furry friend around!

dog walker


Hi my name is Brenda!! I was born here in Chicago but moved to Michigan when I was 14. I enjoyed the fresh air and country life there but the city lights were calling me back home to Chicago. So I moved back when I was 21 and I’ve been here ever since enjoying all the great things this city has to offer.

In my free time I enjoy spending time with my fur babies and also my family. I also enjoy going to the movies, bowling and camping. I joined the urban tailz team because I’ve always actually wanted to work with dogs. So I’m excited to walk your pets! I’ll treat them as they were my own.

meet your pet(s) new best friend: our pet sitters

dog walker Aaron


Hello! I’m excited to be a part of the team! I grew up in rural North Carolina, so taking care of animals and being outdoors is second nature for me. After visiting Chicago a number of times, I couldn’t help myself but to set roots here. While I have no furry kids at the moment, my leopard gecko Cricket offers enough cuddles all on his own. I enjoy rock climbing, board games, and any kind of fried food. I look forward to meeting you and your pets! 
cat sitter annalisa


Hi! I am a long-time animal lover and certified yoga teacher. I have a day job in customer service with a special interest in health care benefits and defined contributions, 401(k) savings plans. I have a Chantilly kitty of my own named Kimiko. I enjoy hiking and traveling. I know it can be tough to leave your furry friends while out on adventures; I am happy to help with care and love 🙂

dog walker Athena


Hey everyone, my name is Athena! I just moved into the city after growing up in the southwestern suburbs of Chicago. I graduated from College of Dupage last year and love to shoot photography, draw, and create art in my spare time! My grandmother naturally brought home animals to take care of so I spent my childhood around many pets. I love spending time with cute doggos so much I adopted my own two years ago and we’ve been inseparable ever since. I am very grateful to find a sweet job where I can meet everyone’s best furry friends! 

dog walker


I grew up in rural Illinois and moved to Chicago in 2005. I now live with my girlfriend, her two kitties Bela and Gus, and our crazy rabbit Choo Choo. I started working for Urban Tailz in 2006, and it has been my home ever since.

There is nothing better than spending my day with all my furry companions! Animals are my life, and I couldn’t imagine not being around them everyday.

dog walker Bobby


Hello, I’m Bobby! I moved to Chicago just under a year ago from Naperville, IL. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Theatre Performance at Illinois State University, where I took up a special interest in puppetry. I spend my free time cooking, doing arts and crafts and going out with friends. My main gig is being a Pastry Assistant at Sweet Mandy B’s. Come by for some great cupcakes! 
I have a 14-year old beagle named Baby, and a 5-year old lab named Bella. I also love cats. I look forward to taking care of your very precious family members!
dog walker Brianna


When I’m not spending time with my own cat, biking all around Chicago, or at Music Box theater, you can find me strolling around the North side with Urban Tailz amazing four legged clients. 

I’ve been working with dogs for nearly ten years… I love animals of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds. One of the most rewarding parts of the job is seeing pups come out of their shell! 
Rain or shine, sleet or snow, I’m just happy to get outside with your pup and see all Chicago has to offer.  
dog walker Brooke


Hi Everyone! My name is Brooke! I’m Chicago born and raised however, I moved away for college to attend University of Alabama. Roll Tide! I moved back to Chicago in 2021 to work on my masters degree and I plan on staying in this beautiful city as long as possible. I absolutely love dogs and look forward to spending as much time with them as possible. One thing I love most about them is how they show off their individual personalities. Whether it’s playing, cuddling or doing tricks, I love to see what makes each dog unique. I’m looking forward to meeting all the dogs at Urban Tailz and giving them as many treats and snuggles as possible!

dog walker Caleb


Hi! My name is Caleb, I’m from a small town in Michigan and I’ve been in Chicago since 2018. I moved here to go to film school at Columbia, and have since graduated and entered into the world of freelance filmmaking and videography, where I film mostly weddings and other big celebrations. To round out the week, I walk dogs with Urban Tailz! I’ve been a dog lover since I was three years old when my family adopted Iggy, a boxer puppy, who I had by my side until I was 15. I look forward to creating special bonds with the pets in the Urban Tailz community!

dog walker Celie


Hi there! I’m Celie, and I have been taking care of pets for over 6 years now. I worked at the Humane Society, cared for animals young and old, and have handled dogs, cats, birds, and reptiles! Originally from TN, I’m comfortable handling animals of all sizes. Nice to meet you~

dog walker charlie


Recent graduate from Columbia College Chicago majoring in music and minoring in music business. My main interests are music and soccer. I grew up with two cats and a small pug and I adored all of them equally. I have a special place in my heart for animals and I promise to give them all the love and attention they need when I am walking/looking after them.

dog walker Christine


Hi I’m Christine! I was born and raised in Chicago and am a mom of two boys, Alex (23) and Adam (6). I have been an animal lover my entire life, and I’m finding it very therapeutic to have the privilege of taking care of your pets. Thank you for giving me this opportunity!


Hello! My name is Courtney. I am originally from St. Louis, and I moved to Chicago for school. I had always loved the atmosphere of a city, and Chicago has felt more like home over the past few years. I currently work at a non-profit mental health organization. I have always loved work that connects me to people and animals! 
I am so grateful to be a part of the Urban Tailz team. There’s nothing better than spending my time meeting furry friends and seeing more of the city. I look forward to taking care of your pets and giving them much-needed love!
douglas cat sitter


Hello, my name is Douglas and I’m looking forward to meeting and watching your cats! Originally from the western suburbs, I moved to the city half a year ago to experience life in the big city. Outside of cat sitting I am a chef happily learning whatever I can about food.

I have a deep love of nature that was cultivated through my years in the Boy Scouts of America. This also grew my love for animals as I was able to constantly out in the forest watching them and learning how pure they are.
dog walker


Hi! I’m Edin. I’m from Montana but moved to Chicago to attend Northwestern. After gaining a degree in Music, I’ve decided to stay in Chicago because I love it so much.

I am a huge animal lover and outdoors person. I’ve had many dogs growing up and just miss being around them since I live in an apartment that doesn’t allow pets. Working for Urban Tailz allows me to get my dog fix. I’m excited to be walking your furry children!

pet sitter Eli


Hi! I’m a Chicago west sider with a huge passion for pets! Proud mama to three cats and a self described “cat lady” but I have been blessed to have lots of dogs in our family growing up as well as rabbits so I truly have love for all animals. I am currently pursuing a degree in environmental science to help try to provide a safer world for all pets and wildlife in the future.
cat sitter Emily


Hi, I’m Emily! I’m a full-time college student studying biology. I moved to Chicago from my home state of Kansas in 2014 and I previously worked in healthcare. My passion has always been animals, especially cats, since I was a little kid, and I grew up with cats in my home. In my spare time when I’m not cat-sitting or studying, I love drinking coffee, knitting, and hanging out with/obsessing over my own two cats, Dusty and Nico.

dog walker Emma


Hello! My name is Emma. I just recently moved to Chicago from northern Wisconsin, and am so excited to begin this new chapter. I have always wanted to live here, and I can think of no better way to get to know the city than being shown around by the doggos! 

My background includes a double major in Theatre/Drama and Psychology from the University of Wisconsin- Madison. After college, I spent a year working in a mental health residential treatment facility for teen girls. I am working on applying to graduate school here in Chicago, and plan to pursue a career in clinical psychology as well as drama therapy.

I grew up having dogs and can not imagine a life without them. While in Madison, and away from my dog who stayed with my parents, I did my share of dog sitting/walking and home management for busy families. It gave my life so much balance, and I am so excited to have found a way to do it again through Urban Tailz!

dog walker Heidi


Hi, I’m Heidi! I’m a lifelong pet lover who has shared her home with a wide range of furry companions over the years, from German shepherds, to Italian greyhounds, to cats of all stripes. I currently reside with a very opinionated tabby named Ziggy Stardust. When I’m not caring for fur friends, I work as a freelance writer. I looks forward to meeting and spending quality time with the special pet in your life!

dog walker Jeff


I am an animal lover who has been looking after dogs and cats since I was 10 years old. I am originally from Carol Stream, IL but have lived in Chicago for the past five years working as a Jeff Award-winning actor in musical theatre across the Chicagoland area.

When he I’m not performing, I love spending time listening to music and taking walks to the beach (if the weather allows!) I looks forward to getting to know the personalities of each pet I take care of, and personalizing each visit to maximize the enjoyment for each of your furry friends.

dog walker Jennifer


Hi there! I’m Jenn, and I recently moved to Chicago from Boston. I’m a freelance travel writer and also run my own social media consulting company. I joined Urban Tailz as a way to meet some new furry friends to make my own fur babies jealous and get outside more.
In my free time I can usually be found exploring new dog parks with my two dogs, a shar pei mix and a tripawd coonhound, or searching for the perfect thin crust pizza.
dog walker Jess


Hi! I’m a professional dog trainer by trade, an avid foster for bully breeds, and overall dog lover. I love helping dogs find unique ways to have their needs met while living in an urban environment and helping people and their pets’ relationships flourish.

dog walker Jessica


Hello! My name is Jessica! I’m a cat mom of 4! Boots, Snickers, Pepe and Slippers. I’m obsessed with my fur babies! I love to travel in the states and also out of the country, so I know the importance of having someone you can trust with taking care of your babies. I’m super excited to meet some amazing dogs! I can’t wait to get a dog of my own to join his/her cat siblings!

joanna dog walking manager


I’m a freelance writer, originally from Louisville, Kentucky. I used to work at an advertising agency but joined Urban Tailz in 2016 after I realized I’d much rather hang out with animals than ad execs. I grew up in a house full of pets––dogs, cats, rats, chickens, bearded dragons, the works––and currently have two cats of my own. In my spare time, I enjoy doing improv and stand up, and watching an ungodly amount of Real Housewives with my cats.

dog walker Jose


Hi, I’m Jose! I was born in Chicago and have grown up loving the city! I moved to indiana for a year for college but I’m back and I’m now living in west town with my sibling. We have an adorable little beagle mix who can sometimes be a true diva but we love her anyways! 

My family has always had pets that we have raised for years. Birds, fishes, bunnies, cats, and many dogs. I’m so excited to meet all the adorable fur babies I can! 
dog walker June


Hi! I’m June and I’m a lifelong animal lover, dancer, yoga teacher in training, and lover of the outdoors. I love walking dogs because they remind you to take your time and to stop and smell the flowers. I treat every pet I visit as if they were my own, making sure to give them lots of pets and snuggles and ensuring that they get the most out of every visit. 🙂

dog walker


Hello, I’m Kathy! I grew up in a small town in Illinois and went to NIU for my Bachelor degree. I moved down south for 8 years where I worked in fitness and raised two beautiful Labradors.

Now that I’m back up north, I’m an in-home personal trainer and help take care of my clients pets when they are out of town. I’m very passionate about all animals and their happiness so this is absolutely the best job for EVERYONE involved.

dog walker


Hi, I’m Kelly! I grew up in Iowa and moved to Chicago in 2013. My husband and I currently live downtown with our sassy mini-goldendoodle Olive. I love dogs, walking, and being outside, so I’m thrilled to be able to explore the city with new furry friends!

When I’m not doing something dog-related, I enjoy hiking, reading, listening to podcasts, and eating an inadvisable amount of pizza.

dog walker Kirsten


Hi! I’m Kirsten. A transplant from Minnesota, I am exploring my way through Chicago one dog at a time. I love dogs and learning each of their unique characteristics. As an only child, our family dogs have been my only siblings. I have had three Airedale Terriers throughout my life and have loved their goofy characteristics.

I wanted to be a vet growing up, and while my career took me in a different direction, Urban Tailz allows me to get that quality time with animals. I am a graduate of DePauw University and I currently work in marketing at an engineering firm.

In my free time, I enjoy stopping people on the street to pet their dogs, cooking, trying different restaurants and bars around the city, and working out!

dog walker Konrad


Hello! I’m Konrad! I grew up in Waukegan, which is about an hour north of Chicago. I went to North Park University in Albany Park and I’ve been in love in the city ever since my freshman year. 
I’ve worked with animals for a long time. I worked in petcare at Petsmart for about 3 years and I took care of many different animals while there. Reptiles, birds, hamsters, cats, you name it! It was there where I got to deepen my love for animal care and I am glad I can express that through Urban Tailz!
Kristina Dog Walker


I have grown up with dogs my whole life and have had the pleasure of caring for a few cats in recent years. I love animals and can’t wait to meet your pups and cats!

pet sitter kyra


Hi there! My name is Kyra and I moved from Northern Illinois to Chicago to work on finishing my bachelors. I have taken care of animals all my life, and have had over ten species in the past fifteen years. Now, I just have two cats, Broccoli and Cheddar, who are indeed named after a Panera Soup. In my freetime I enjoy playing the piano, drawing, and traveling. I am happy to be working with UT and look forward to creating a great experience for you and your pets!

laura dog walker

LAURA (dog walker)

I’m a lot of things…north-sider, social worker, cyclist….but of all, I’m thrilled to spend time with your dear pup while you are away.

I’m new to Urban Tailz, but have had dogs all my life. I was heavily involved with PAWS, and eventually adopted my own sweet girl who stole my heart and changed my life forever.

Whether your pup is ready for action, or on the shy-side (my favorite!), all dogs are very special to me, and I look forward to giving them lots of love and a good time outside. 

I look forward to meeting you!! 

cat sitter laura

LAURA (cat sitter)

Hi, I’m Laura! I moved here to Chicago from Indiana to study visual art. Like many of the creative persuasion, however,  I have not made my field of study into a career…Instead I turned my long-standing passion for thrifting and vintage into an online, pop-up, and brick-and-mortar business and have been selling vintage clothing and home furnishings for 13 years.

When I’m not on the hunt for treasures at estate sales and thrift shops, I’m also performing vocals and/or keyboards in two bands, and eating my way through the vegan-friendly restaurants in Chicago. I’m also a longtime multiple cat owner and black cat aficionado. 

I’m so happy to be working with Urban Tailz! Visiting and caring for all the client kitties has been a dream job for me, and the management staff are incredible to work for!! 

dog walker Lindsey


Hi, I’m Lindsey! I’ve lived in Logan Square since 2005 and love exploring the neighborhood with the animals of Urban Tailz! I am an animal- and nature-loving artist who recently shifted careers to get some sunshine and fresh air and grow my handmade craft business, made by Q. 

I love meeting new four-legged friends, exploring the neighborhood with them on our walks, and giving them all the pets they want. They make me laugh and keep me on my toes, and I try to snap a picture of their best moments! I grew up with all kinds of pets and recently adopted a Boston Terrier – Chihuahua mix named Chuy. 

When I’m not out on walks, you may find me tending a local community garden, hunting for vintage at thrift stores, exploring the hop options at breweries across the city, or selling my handmade eco-friendly goods at local craft shows on the weekends.

I look forward to taking good care of your favorite furball!

dog walker mallory


Hi, I’m Mallory! I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago but lived in Tampa, Florida for the last 6 years. I just moved back to the Chicago area and I am excited for this next chapter in my life! 

I grew up with a variety of pets so taking care of animals has always come natural to me! I have been dog walking and cat sitting for years now. Professionally , I am a therapist but taking time to hang out with furry friends throughout my week is amazing!
I’m looking forward to meeting many more of your pets and giving lots of love!!!  
dog walker Mary


Hey! I’m Mary. I recently moved to the city from Minneapolis and am so excited to explore the town while spending time with fluffy friends. I’m a comedian and writer currently studying at Second City. When I’m not walking dogs I enjoy looking at pictures of dogs, talking about dogs, and face timing with our family dog, Dorothy- pictured above on her first birthday. 

dog walker


I moved to Chicago in 2006 from Nebraska, and strangely enough, was not a football fan. I joined Urban Tailz in 2007, and I’ve become so fond of all my doggie friends. Going on long walks, teaching new tricks, and giving good scratches behind the ears are my specialty. When I’m not playing with my furry friends, I enjoy painting and creating things.

dog walker Pandora


Hi I’m Pandora! I’m originally from the great north star state, Minnesota! Someday I’ll be a nature photographer, but until then I will meet all the loveable animals this city has to offer. I don’t own a dog as much as I love them, so being able to spend time with them while working for UT is a pleasure!


As a lifetime animal lover, my favorite thing on top of having two wonderful cats, is being a pet Aunt to all four legged friends. I have walked and sat for 6+ years and am always happy to meet new clients from all walks of life. While I have walked puppies, purebreds, and pedigrees from varying backgrounds, I’m also very comfortable with animals with disabilities as well as the elderly, making sure comfort comes first and foremost. If you want a passionate and caring walker and sitter with a diverse background then I would love to meet your furry family.
dog walker Rachel


Hello there! My name is Rachel, and I’m a part-time dog walker / full-time dog gawker. A Hoosier born and bred, I graduated from Indiana University and moved to Chicago to pursue theatre. Rest assured, I will fulfill your pet’s daily quota of scratchies and show tunes.
Although my current apartment is furless, I grew up with a houseful of critters– including cats, dogs, love birds, fish, turtles, and even chameleons! 
When I’m not walking doggos, you can typically find me planning trips, eating my full weight in white cheddar popcorn, or endlessly binge watching RuPaul’s Drag Race.
dog walker Rachel R.


Hello! I’m Rachel! I am new to Chicago, transplanted from the Pacific Northwest. Pet-sitting became my profession while I pursued my undergraduate in Fine Arts at Eastern Washington University, it was my saving grace during the pandemic and since then.

There’s never been a time in my life where I haven’t had pets, from cats and dogs to snakes and lizards. Currently, I have two feline companions, my foster-fails Bastian and Pixie.

I am grateful to have found a place here with Urban Tailz and excited to have all the cool cats and dogs of Chicago show me the town.

dog walker Ray


I’ve been an animal lover since birth, growing up with six cats and two dogs in my hometown of Detroit. I’m experienced with giving medication, TLC and having as much energy as most puppers do. Outside of caring for animals, I’m a comedy writer, roller skater and fluent German-speaker!

dog walker Rebecca


Hi! I’m Rebecca (aka Spitfire) and I am a circus artist and coach based in Logan Square. I moved to Chicago 11 years ago from Ruston, Louisiana to pursue performing arts. I currently teach trapeze, tumbling, and kid’s classes at Aloft Circus Arts; as well as performing aerial, fire, and acro around the city. When not flipping around a trapeze or spinning fire- I am spending time with my doggos. My partner and I have a ten year old chihuahua-terrier mix named Lord Pumpernickel and a four year old corgi named Princess Bailey.

I have always loved dogs (and animals in general) since I was little and have grown up with pups of all sizes. I can’t wait to make new furry (and human) friends in the neighborhood!

dog walker Sara


I am a Michigan native who moved to Chicago eight years ago. In addition to giving the utmost love and attention to your furry family member, I also work at a K-8 school district north of Chicago as an instructional technology coach. I am a cat lady at heart but grew up with dogs and absolutely love getting to know them. I currently have two beautiful senior cats with big attitudes (Otis and Theodore). I know just how to speak “sassy cat”. 
My heart and soul is attracted to helping animals in need. I have rescued several strays (including baby squirrels!) in my spare time. I love nurturing and caring for animals and getting to know their different personalities and needs. I am eager to meet your furry family member(s) and ensure they get the love and attention they deserve while you are away.
dog walker


Hi there! My name is Sean and I originally hail from way out west in Phoenix, AZ. I moved to Chicago 8 years ago to pursue music as an audio engineer, songwriter and producer. I’ve had the good fortune of being able to travel the country playing music to hosts of wonderful people and find that making real human connections in the world is such a rewarding passion.

That’s also something I love about being able to walk dogs in the city! It keeps me on the move and engaged with the world outside. And of course there’s always the companionship you get hanging out with your pups every day! I feel that creating strong, trusting bonds with animals is often just as rewarding as with people.

dog walker Zach


Hello there! I’m Zach. Im originally from Indiana but moved here 4 years ago. Ive got 2 turtles at home right now named Flo and Eddie after the 2 of the leads in the band The Turtles. Theyre one of my greatest joys in life as well getting outside and going on long walks and being in nature.
I like to design board games with my best friend in my free time and also play guitar in my band. I grew up with both dogs and cats and look forward to getting to explore the city with your pets!
dog walker Zoe


Hello all! My name is Zoë. I moved to Chicago from California last year and have absolutely loved getting to know the city. In my free time I enjoy crafting, gardening, and any excuse to get outside. I grew up with dogs but I am a huge fan of all animals. I can’t imagine a more fun way to explore Chicago neighborhoods than with a furry friend. I am so excited to work with Urban Tailz and meet your pet! I know it can be hard to leave them at home alone, so I am deeply committed to giving them all the love and attention they deserve.