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Cat Toys & Accessories

cat toys & accessories

I’m not ashamed to admit 98% of my targeted Instagram ads are for cat stuff. (The other 2% are for reality TV show merch, but that is because I am a classy woman with impeccable taste.)

As a longtime cat sitter and cat parent, I’ve seen and tested my fair share of cat stuff, from feeders and dishes, to toys and litter boxes. Here are a few of my favorites:

Wands and Toys

Cat Dancer

Don’t let the simplicity fool you. Cats go absolutely nuts for this toy. It’s a household staple among many Urban Tailz cat sitting clients!

Da Bird

My cats get major zoomies for this toy. It’s almost creepy how much this looks like an actual bird flying through the air. Highly recommend it for high energy cats or Sagittarius cats.

RompiCatz Critters

They say the wand chooses the wizard, and the RompiCatz wand certainly chose me. Something about it just feels right in my hand, and it comes with the most adorable little bug attachments. 

Yeowww! Catnip Banana

Yeowww!’s catnip banana and rainbow are super popular among Urban Tailz cat clients. They’re the perfect size for gripping, kicking and licking. And they’re also pretty durable, considering the abuse they take.

UT cat Olive enjoying a bite of her precious nanner

Crinkle Balls

My cats live for the sweet, sweet sound of crinkling plastic. They come running whenever I open a bottle of GT’s Kombucha, or any product that comes with that shrink-wrapped plastic safety seal. Because I don’t want them to play with (and potentially eat) these things, I’ve found these crinkle balls to be excellent alternatives.

Bouncy Springs

My cat James has a sick obsession with hair ties. So much so that he clocks where people keep them (purses, nightstands, etc.) and goes elbows deep in those spaces when he thinks no one is looking. He’ll even try to take them out of your hair or off your wrist. “James, I’m wearing that!” is a common refrain in our house. (Again, monster.)

Because hair ties are very, very dangerous if ingested, we don’t like to leave them around the house. For whatever reason, these bouncy springs fill that void for James.

Food and Water Dishes

I’ve been waiting a long time to drop this hot take: I. Hate. Fountains. Controversial as this opinion may seem, it’s actually shared by most of our cat sitters. For starters, cat fountains always seem to malfunction. Second, they’re gross. People assume that since the water is always running, it’s always fresh. This is not true. Most fountains I see have some amount of algae and bacteria build up. That said, I much prefer a classic water dish, one I can easily fill and wash every day. 

Fitz 1
My roommate's cat Fitz loves running water, so instead of getting a fountain, we just turn on the faucet and let him go nuts every once and a while.

NECOICHI Ceramic Raised Dishes

I love these dishes because they’re easy to clean, sturdy and apparently better for cats’ digestion and necks. They’re also fancy, which is very important to my Taurus cat.


Slow Feeders

Does your cat like to do that cute little trick where they scarf down their food and then throw it back up on the one rug you have in your house? If so, try using a slow feeder. You can get Slow Feed Mats for Wet Food, or Slow Feeders for Dry Food. Some of the puzzles below work, too!


It’s an age-old dilemma: I work hard so my cats can have nice stuff, but my cats hate when I work. (See Exhibit A below).

Working from home
Working from home but can still hear the ocean

When they get extra needy, I set out some treat puzzles to keep them occupied. While puzzles certainly aren’t one-size-fits-all (some cats love them, some cats ignore them), these are a few of the ones my cats/cat clients have enjoyed:

Easy: Catit Senses 2.0 Food Tree

👍  Super easy, works as a slow feeder.
👎 Big, easy to knock over.

4H9Y conv attach 44860663
UT cat Leo after proudly beating the system

Easy: SlimCat Interactive Feeder

👍 Works as a slow feeder, gives cats a mental and physical workout while they eat
👎 Efficacy dependent on kibble size

UT cats Barley and Hops working for their supper

Easy/Medium: TRIXIE Activity Fun Board

👍 Relatively easy, works as a slow feeder
👎 Hurts to accidentally step on

UT cats James, Joan and Fitz working as a team for treats

Hard: TRIXIE Brain Mover

👍 Very engaging and stimulating, works well with high-reward treats
👎 Cats might require a brief training session (tips included with puzzle), small treats can get stuck in crevices

Litter Boxes

In general, I prefer top-entry litter boxes. They contain the litter better so there’s less tracking, and they and offer cats a little more *~privacy~* in the bathroom. (Not that my cats extend the same courtesy to me.)

Some good options:

FRISCO Top-Entry Litter Box

IRIS Top-Entry Litter Box

For a comprehensive review of common cat litters, check out our Guide to the Best Cat Litters.


Scratching isn’t about sowing chaos and destruction. Cats love—and need—to scratch. According to The Humane Society, it’s how they express their emotions, mark objects, file their nails and more. 

Basically, cats are going to scratch. And if you don’t give them an outlet, they’ll turn whatever tickles their fancy into their own. 

FRISCO Nesting Cat Scratcher

This is a great option if you want to scatter multiple scratchers around the house. We put these in our living room when we got new furniture, so the cats had plenty of approved places to scratch. 

SmartCat Scratching Post

Pricier than a cardboard scratcher, but worth it. This one really gives kitties the chance to stretch and sink their claws in.

FRISCO Sushi Delight Wave

Adorable, but also an efficient use of space! Both sides work as scratchers, so once one side is scratched to the max, just flip it over for a fresh start.

FRISCO Step-in Scratcher

Doubles as a bed. Our cats love to roll around in this one, especially if we sprinkle a little catnip on top.