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february pet

February Pet of the Month

February Pet of the Month Brissy was adopted from Wright-Way Rescue when she was four months old. She’s caring, gentle, and with only her 2nd birthday just around the corner she’s come a long way!

She loves play dates with her dog friends and LOVES her dog walker Emilio (so do I)! A few of Brissy’s favorite things to do on walks besides saying hello to every dog that walks by includes backflips and pretending she’s incognito while she tries to get the squirrels (one day…).

Random Brissy Facts:

Named after: Brisbane, Australia

Leap year pup

Favorite bone: Bully sticks

Favorite treats: Carrots and hotdogs from Grandma

Favorite sport to watch: Baseball (Chicago Cubs)

Favorite hobby: Playing dress up

Thank you UT for making Brissy February Pet of the Month!

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