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March Dog of the Month: Mika

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march dog of the month

March Dog of the Month

March Dog of the Month Mika was brought home shortly after we were married seven years ago and she has been rocking her Eskie diva attitude ever since! Mika’s favorites include throwing herself into piles of snow and rolling around, playing tennis ball, and going for walks with her Urban Tailz friends! She is sad for winter to be leaving, but excited for summer, since that means lounging in baby pools meant for her brother and sister.

Mika never fails to let us know when she is concerned about the postman delivering the mail, people walking past the house or the wayward squirrel in the front tree, in true Eskie fashion.

She also loves her human brother and sister, who give her lots of treats (usually when they are told not to). Her favorite person of all is her “Mee-Maw” (human grandma), who always has a treat for Mika hidden in her purse when she comes to visit.

Mika always looks forward to her walks with Stephanie, where she can patrol the streets of Bucktown, sniffing any all new smells along the way. Mika is so happy to be March Pet of the Month!


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