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december pet

December Pet of the Month

December Pet of the Month Brady was rescued by Magnificent Mutts and came all the way from Kentucky, he was adopted this past June at 8 weeks old. As soon as we picked him up and he put his head on my shoulder we had to take him home.

He is such a happy and good puppy. Everyone warned us how much work a puppy would be put Brady only cried the first night in his crate and only chewed ONE iPhone cord.

Brady loves, loves sticks, every walk he finds the perfect stick to carry home. He also loves traveling, at 12 weeks old he went all the way to Nebraska to play on a cattle ranch, and he has been to Michigan too many times to count to see his extended family. As long as he can stick his head out of the window he is a happy pup.

His other hobbies include chasing his sister Peyton (tabby cat), playing catch, swimming, going on runs with his mom, playing with his teddy bear and going to work with his dad, building homes.

Brady is the most lovable, laid back puppy and has brought us so much joy. And I cant forget he loves his walker Kelson so MUCH.

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