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May Pet of the Month

May Pet of the Month Odin (middle name Rutherford the Brave) was adopted from Wright Way Rescue in May of last year. He is sweet natured and super cuddly and this may be bias but one of the cutest puppies we’ve ever seen. He has distinctive eyebrows and giant paws that have always smelled like Fritos. A good word to describe his personality is mischievous, and he knows how to use his gentle smile and loving eyes to his advantage when he’s done something wrong: i.e. takes all of the tissues out of the bathroom trashcan or licks our pillowcases for thirty minutes.

Some of Odin’s favorite foods include carrots, peanut butter, blueberries and sweet potatoes. Along with every other piece of food we accidentally drop on the floor. He also really enjoys sticks, and has to carry home the biggest one he can find most mornings when coming home from the park.

Odin is extremely playful and insists on meeting everyone, often showing his defiance by lying on the ground until his friends are close by. Some of his hobbies include basking in the sunshine, chasing birds and sleeping directly in between his parents, belly up in the bed. He is very vocal and has a lot to say, and his stubborn growls are adorable when he has to reluctantly move off the couch for guests.

Odin is really smart and eager (aka treat motivated) to learn. We just enrolled him in Obedience School and can’t wait to watch him grow to be a somewhat well behaved newly turned one year old (is that even a thing?). He is proud to be UT’s May pet of the month! Thanks Urban Tailz!

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