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June Pet of the Month: Anchovy

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june pet of month anchovy

June Pet of the Month

June Pet of the Month Anchovy is a 1.5 year old Japanese Akita. She has been walked by Ben at Urban Tailz since she was a wee pup. She was named after one of my favorite pizza toppings because we as humans tend to name our animals after things we love.

Inside, Anchovy is a lazy dog that loves to sleep at your feet and make you feel loved. Outside, she’s a whole different animal. She stays mostly by your side but tends to sniff every flower she sees. She loves to take a peek at the various neighborhood chickens around Logan Square. Her howl may sound a little threatening but she’s just trying to say hello to other dogs. Catch her outside in the spring moseying around, in the summer moping in the heat with her thick double coat, and in the autumn/winter in her cold element, wild and free. Thanks for featuring her as June’s pet of the month!

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