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March Pets of the Month: Jingle Bell & Olive

pets of the month JB and Olive

March Pets of the month

We are so excited to honor our March Pets of the Month Jingle Bell and Olive! JB and Olive are sisters who our UT cat sitters rave about each time they visit. We’re happy to have them as Pets of the Month!

Jingle Bell (Bell, B, Boo Face, Booper, Poo Butt, JB, J-Biz, Sweet Girl)

Found in an abandoned building deep in Brooklyn, this New York kit is skeptical of everything and everyone, especially the rain and Sonos speakers. But in the quiet, calm of the day, JB reigns. She makes herself comfortable wherever she damn pleases. She snaps a finger when she feels the slightest bit hungry. She sits tall on her throne, her beauty unrivaled. When she does pay us any attention at all, we fall at her feet, honored by her presence. And if you dare give Olive cuddles in JB’s presence, she’ll sit from across the room, staring, eyes laser-like, her jealousy cutting right through your heart. It is impossible to know what she’s thinking, but like any codependent relationship, when she curls up in your lap or props up on your shoulder as you sleep, all your insecurities fall away, and you feel like the luckiest kit companion on earth.

Olive (Olive Oil, Old Man Olive, Grandpa, Olive Garden, OG, Sweet Girl)

Everyone’s favorite kit, Olive is the happiest, go-luckiest, fattest, most trusting animal in the whole dang town. She may play coy at first meet, but deep down she’s just a slut for a belly rub, and she’ll roll onto her back for literally anyone. She knows her exact place in this small world, and she never questions authority. Olive is twice the size of anyone else in the house, but she’s never been one to conform to societal standards. She wears her chunk loud and proud. And even though she sleeps more than anyone I know, she awakens quickly at the first sign of activity, because, if one thing is true about this kit, it’s that she cannot miss a party.