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February Pet of the Month

Hi, my name is Gustov VonBarkington, but my friends call me “Gus”. I am a 10 month old Morkie and I’ve been living in Chicago for almost all my life. Since I’m half Yorkie and half Maltese, I’m not only the cutest thing ever, but I’m also spunky! I try to act like I’m super cool, but I really just want to play and joke around ALL the time. I secretly love to snuggle though, and love it when Mom and Dad hit the snooze button.

I spend most of my days with Alma, she’s my best friend and partner in crime. She’s teaching me how to high ten! She takes me on walks where I get so see many of my friends. I like to play with the neighborhood kids, even though they call me “Gust”. My parents love it when I tell them about all the fun I had during the day. I’m so happy that I get to hang out with Alma when Mom and Dad are out of town too!

Things to know about me:

I love to snuggle and give kisses

I growl every time I see myself in the mirror… still haven’t figured out it’s just me.

I like to watch animal planet shows of other dogs

I’m obsessed with toilet paper and mommies slippers

I prefer broccoli instead of ham please

I love snow, hate rain

I’ve been told I snore sometimes

When mommy falls asleep, I crawl onto her pillow. She finds me there sometimes when she wakes up.

There is nothing I won’t do for a greenie

I like music.. my favorite song is “Wow” by Beck

I can fall asleep anywhere, sometimes right in the middle of the hallway. It’s fine, just go around me.

When I am bored and can’t find a toy, I chase my tail until I get dizzy

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