Your initial meet and greet

An Urban Tailz manager will meet with you and your pet in your home at no cost to you so we can discuss our services and answer any questions you may have. We take detailed notes about your pet and your home to add to your account so the information is available for the walker or sitter visiting your pets. We will then meet your walker at your home for your first visit so we can introduce the walker to your pet and show them around.

We understand that you may feel more comfortable meeting with your walker as well, and we will do our best to accommodate those needs. We believe it's important to know who is staying in your home when scheduling house sittings, so we will always schedule a meeting with your sitter beforehand at no charge to you.


Scheduling dog walks

Our regular midday dog walks are between 10am to 4pm Monday through Friday. Any walks outside that time frame are considered off-peak or weekend walks. For more info on off-peak and weekend walks, please see our services page. Our last time window for a regular midday walk is 2-4pm. We provide a 2-hour window for our regular midday walks and a 1-hour time window for our puppy walks. Clients who schedule less than 3 times per month are charged at $20/walk for regular midday walks. 

We understand that people are busy and schedules change, so we are as flexible as we can with scheduling. We ask that you schedule your regular midday walks before 9am the day of. If a midday walk (Mon-Fri 10am to 4pm) is scheduled after 9am the day of it is subject to a small $3 fee. For weekend walks (4pm Friday through Sunday), we ask 24-hour notice for requests. If 24-hour notice is not given the walk is subject to a $5 fee.We do not charge a fee for scheduling last-minute evening visits during the weekdays.

We do not have a cancellation policy for our regular midday walks. As long as the walker has not been to your home to do the walk, then we will cancel your visit at no charge. Please cancel walks through our pet portal or by emailing [email protected]

PLEASE NOTE: We require 2+ walks per day to schedule puppy walks. If you’re scheduling just one walk per day, then the walk will default to a regular 30-min visit with a 2-hr time window.


Substitute Walkers

We do our very best to schedule the same walker for each visit. We feel that it is important to build a relationship between the dog and the walker. Sometimes a walker may need a day off, in which case we will try to let you know beforehand that another walker is coming that day. We have all the information about your home and your dog listed on your account, so a substitute walker is ready before they get to your home, and they will have all the necessary information they will need. We cannot guarantee your regular walker if scheduling an off-peak or weekend walk, but we will always check their availability first before asking other walkers.


keys to your home

We ask that you provide two sets of keys to your home. One stays with the walker and the other set stays in the office. We should never have a key problem if we have the backup set. We are happy to use garage codes or lock boxes when applicable. We also very comfortable with alarm systems. Many of our clients give us our own code similar to a babysitters code.

Urban Tailz will hold onto keys for up to 1 year of client inactivity. We will destroy keys after 1 year of client inactivity.



We do not require payment until all services have been performed. We bill on a monthly billing cycle. We send itemized invoices on the 1st of each month, and credit card payments can be made online through our secured server. Credit cards are saved after making your first payment manually, and are automatically charged each month after. If you do not wish to be charged automatically, you may delete your credit card on-file after making payment. We also accept Chase QuickPay as well as checks from your favorite bill pay service. Payment is due 15 days after receiving your invoice. 


updating your account

All of the information on your home and your pet is stored in our online pet portal, so we ask that you update your account when needed so our walkers and managers always have the most up-to-date info on your pets and your home. All changes may be made directly through our pet portal or through the Time to Pet app. 



This is primarily your choice. We will never walk more than 2 dogs at a time. Most of the time your dog is walked alone. We believe your dog deserves one on one time. However, if you have a neighbor that you would like to share a walk with we will accommodate that.


Scheduling Cat Visits

Many clients do 1 single visit a day if your cat is on dry food while other clients do 2 visits per day if your cat eats wet food and/or needs medication (no extra fee for medication administered). It is completely up to you. If scheduling one visit per day, then we schedule anytime visits. You are able to choose a morning/evening visit on your first visit and your final visit. We give 4 hour time windows if scheduling 2 visits per day to ensure your visits are spaced out appropriately. 

We do require visits scheduled daily while you're away. We know that cats are very self-sufficient, but there is just too much that could go wrong if visits were scheduled every other day or 2 days in-between visits. A cat could get sick, they could tip over their water bowl and not have water for a couple days, or something worse. We want to make sure you pets are well taken care of while you're away so we want to see them daily!


house sitting cancellation

We ask that you cancel your house sitting one week prior to the start of your sitting. If one-week notice is not given, then there is a one night ($65) cancellation fee. For Holiday house sittings, we ask that you cancel two weeks prior to the start of your sitting or there is cancellation fee up to 50% of the total cost of your scheduled house sitting. Holiday house sitting dates include: Wednesday through Saturday of Thanksgiving, December 23-26, and December 30th to January 2nd. 



All regular midday walks that fall on a holiday are cancelled automatically. Our holidays includes: EasterMemorial Day Weekend (Sat-Mon), 4th of July, Labor Day Weekend (Sat-Mon), Thanksgiving and Day after, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Years Eve, and New Years Day. If you do need a walk on one of these dates you will need to log into our pet portal and schedule your visit again. Holiday dog walks and cat visits are $30/visit. 


Holiday House Sittings

Our Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Years house sitting requests are booked on a first come, first serve basis. We maintain a list of requests starting in August. Due to extreme demand and a limited number of sitters available over these holidays, we do make our regular dog walking clients who use us on a regular weekly basis a priority in bookings. We are unable to take on new clients during this time, and we may not be able to accommodate our house sitting clients who do not use us as a regular, weekly dog-walking client. 


holiday cat sitting

Our Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Years cat sitting requests are booked on a first come, first serve basis. We are usually able to accommodate all requests for cat sitting over the holidays, but we cannot guarantee requests made without 1-week notice before each holiday. We will do our best to accommodate requests made without a 1-week notice, but please note there is a one-time $20 last-minute surcharge for any cat sitting request made without a 1-week notice.