We believe your dogs are special. When it’s their time, our attention is focused on them. Because of this, we only walk 1 client’s pets at a time (unless requested otherwise). Our regular midday dog walks are 30-min visits. Your dogs will love you for this midday break.

Regularly scheduled Monday thru Friday walks between 10am and 4pm. Our clients are able to request a 2-hour time window for each visit depending on what works best for your schedule.

$20 per visit. $3 each additional dog. ($30 on major holidays*)

We also offer a 50-min dog walks for those pets with extra energy. $30 per visit. ($40 on major holidays*)


We love puppies! We know those puppies need a little extra attention and care, so we offer 20-min puppy walks that can be done 2-3 times a day for our puppy clients. We’ll make sure they go out to the bathroom and will spend the rest of our time playing and helping them learn. We can also feed your puppy if you need us to.

Puppy walks scheduled Monday thru Friday between 10am and 4pm. We allow you to request a 1-hour time window for each puppy visit that works best for your schedule.

$14 per visit, $3 each additional dog.

PLEASE NOTE: We require 2+ walks per day when scheduling puppy walks. If just 1 walk is scheduled on a given day, then the walk will default to our regular 30-min visit with a 2-hr time window.


Have a big dinner planned or running late getting home from work? Have weekend plans that will keep you away from home for longer than you’d like? We provide morning, nights and weekend dog walks when you need them with the same 2-hour window as our regular weekday walks.

An additional $5 per visit, $3 each additional dog.

weekday visits scheduled any time outside of regular 10am-4pm time frame and any time on weekends. nights and weekend walks are provided to our regular midday dog walking clients only.


While you are out of town, we will provide your kitties the love and attention they need. We will clean their litter box, make sure they have fresh food and water, and we’ll give them lots of love and playtime during our visit. In addition, we will care for your home by watering plants, collecting mail, or anything else you might need done. We are also able to give medication at no extra charge (please contact us if your cat needs a shot as not all sitters are trained in giving shots).

$20 per weekday visit, $25 weekend visits ($30 on Major Holidays*)


We will move into your house and make sure your pets, as well as your home, are well taken care of while you’re away. We’ll stick to your pet’s schedule and feeding times as best we can while we’re living in your home. We send lots of fun picture updates about how everything is going so you can enjoy a stress-free time away from home. All dog walks are included in the price of house sitting.

$75 per day**. $10 each additional dog. ($100 during Major Holidays*)

house sitting services provided to regular midday dog walking clients only. we are unable to take on house-sitting-only clients at this time.


We know from experience that it can be difficult finding time for all your petcare responsibilities. Instead of rushing home from work or spending your precious weekends, relax and let us help. We can assist with many services for your pet, including visits to the vet, groomer or trainer as well as pet store errands, etc. We also love helping your pup be a part of your big wedding day!

fee to be discussed per service

*Major holidays include Easter, Memorial Day Weekend (Sat-Mon), 4th of July, Labor Day Weekend (Sat-Mon), Wednesday through Saturday of Thanksgiving week, December 23-26, and December 30 to January 1.

**House sitting is charged by the day and not over a 24-hr period. There is a $75 charge for any day a sitter spends the night in your home. There is then a sliding scale the last day when you arrive back home based on how long you need the sitter to stay before you arrive back home.