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May Pet of the Month: Argo

may pet of the month

May Pet of the Month

May Pet of the Month Argo Ralph Fough was born to Patsy and Marc in New Lennox, IL on October 20, 2007. He is a Libra and very sensitive. He is, however, very excited to be May Pet of the Month!

His original caregiver intended him to be a show dog, that is how beautiful he is, however, he suffered from a certain…anatomical quirk that did not correct itself and at 5 months of age he was put up for adoption. Since Argo dislikes both baths and brushing, it was probably all for the best.

His first couple of years were spent in Chicago: in Little Village and Albany Park to be precise. They moved to Boulder, CO in 2009 where he learned he loves hiking – loves it second only to food. He has been on several backpacking trips and, when he was a young thing, even carried his own backpack. He once helped carry the tent back to the car – okay, it was just the tent fly, but still!

Did someone mention food? If they didn’t, they should, especially if they want Argo’s undivided attention. He was trained with food, and knows sit, down, stand, and even belly-up – verbally and by hand gesture. The stolen foods he has eaten: bag of homemade lemon bars, slice(s) of pizza, Starbucks banana bread (still in the bag), 6 bananas (including 3 peels), cereal from the bowl, and 3+ cups of cat food (amount estimated from regurgitation residuals). Until 2018, his only emergency room visits have been related to eating that which was not truthfully food.

His favorite foods are bananas and popcorn. All he has to do is place his sorrowful “Eeyore-like” head on his owner’s knee and she usually caves. He enjoys chasing squirrels, pigeons, and raccoons. He would like to be friends with everyone and every dog, but he has little patience for puppies and is uncomfortable around children. HIs owner is as grabby as a toddler, he says, so he really doesn’t need to seek more out.

Argo did not expect to see the Windy City again in his lifetime, he considers himself a Colorado dog, but his owner’s job brought her back here. He loves all the pee mail he can read on his Ravenswood walks, but he is heartily disappointed he is never invited into Byron’s, he is certain he would make a lasting impression.

He misses his walks with Edin and Darvell and hopes that everyone Stays Safe and Stays Healthy so we can go back to “normal” again soon. Thank you again for making him May Pet of the Month!

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