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April Pet of the Month: Mulder

april pet of the month
april pet of the month

April Pet of the Month: Mulder

Mulder (full name Fox Willam Mulder), named after the greatest FBI agent of all time, was born May 27, 2018. On his gotcha day, he hopped right into bed and slept through the whole night without any accidents, and has continued to be the goodest boy ever since. He is so excited to be Urban Tailz April Pet of the Month!

When not sleeping on the couch, some of his favorite hobbies include being chased by humans or dogs, chasing humans or dogs, telling his cat sister to stay off the counter, booping everyone hello, being spooky, ringing the potty bell when he doesn’t need to go, and most importantly- finding all the underwear and socks no matter how well they are hidden.

Mulder’s favorite food is anything that his parents are eating – but one of his favorite spots is Fido To Go’s dog food truck. Once he sees the yellow truck, he will run blocks to get there as fast as possible. He also really enjoys a good old McDonald’s hamburger every once in a blue moon. His favorite snack is dried liver treats or ice cubes.

Some of Mulder’s dislikes are being alone, anyone leaving, not being the center of attention, visiting a no dog on the couch home, baths, getting his eye boogers cleaned, walking over metal grates, having to roll over for treats, long car rides, the rain, and of course – being cold.

Mulder’s favorite activity besides zooming, is walking along the River Walk. When walking along the river, he likes to hop, zoom, and spin on his butt with excitement. It’s hypothesized that it’s all the river smells he goes crazy for. His parents cannot walk past any entrances without him demanding to go down the steps. Many tantrums have been thrown.

Fun Fact #1: Mulder is a full time fashion model. His instagram (@foxmulderthedog), highlights many of his most iconic looks. It has been said that he often dresses better than his humans, and rumor has it that he actually owns more clothing items than both of his parents combined.

Fun Fact #2: Mulder has a thing for French Bull dogs. Of all the dogs, Mulder will seek them out over every other dog if he is given the chance. His parents have confirmed this information with his daycare staff – he has several frenchie girlfriends and boyfriends that he will only play with whenever he visits.

Thank you again for making Mulder April Pet of the Month!

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