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March Pet of the Month: Louie

march pet of the month

March Pet of the Month

March Pet of the Month Louie is a 3 1/2 year old Cavapoo who is quite the character. He is playful, loves to meet new people and is always up for a cuddle. Here are just a “few” additional things to describe this little guy…..

25 things about me

1. Toys are my life. I can play by myself for hours on end

2. I am not a fan of windy days, they scare me

3. Although I am 10 lbs and don’t take up much room, I am a bed hog

4. I have a girlfriend Zoey who lives close by and we go out on dates (walks)

5. I was born in Fertile, Iowa

6. ……and am a huge Iowa Hawkeye Football fan. Go HOX!

7. I like to cuddle and give kisses to anyone and everyone

8. I once dressed up as a Ty beanie baby for Halloween

9. I would eat anything freeze dried raw…. but it doesn’t agree with me

10. I am a people person. Give me literally any person

11. I expect a seat at the table during meals

12. I am an only child and some say that I am spoiled

13. I am not 100% sure about all the clothes my mom makes me wear

14. One of my quirks is to bark at other furry friends on the T.V. – especially horses and dogs

15. I snore. A lot. Like more than usual for a dog my size.

16. My nicknames are Lou bear, crazy pants, bubbie, Lou man, little mister, love bug….

17. A favorite past time of mine is belly rubs

18. I am young at heart – there is never enough play time

19. My walks with UT are the best part of the day, even when it is yucky out.

20. I think I must be photogenic because my mom is always taking pictures of me

21. I am a Gemini… my birthday is June 15th.

22. I can rock a bow tie if I’m looking to style up or can wear a hoodie if I’m feeling sporty

23. Treats are one of my vices

24. I am obsessed with mini kong tennis balls.

25. I have never been nominated for anything. I am so excited to be UT’s March Pet of the Month!

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