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January Pet of the Month: Harris

january pet of the month

January Pet of the Month

January Pet of the Month Harris is a One Tail at a Time rescue who was rescued in 2018. He was a stray found in Alabama and made his way to Chicago. He loves the city, but we’ve quickly learned he is still a country boy at heart.

We’re not sure what’s bigger – Harris’s ears or his heart. This sweet boy loves cheese, sleeping in, and going on Adventure Walks with the UT Crew.  This city slicker stays in touch with his country roots by tracking deer and letting everyone know when he finds one. The howls are epic, and the chase somehow always ends with Harris in a standoff with an angry deer who is wondering what this random beagle is doing in the woods screaming his head off (no deer are harmed during the standoff). 

Harris loves everything but car rides. He is quickly coming to tolerate them though because he knows a fun adventure waits at the other end. Usually. Sometimes Mom and Dad trick him into a visit to the vet. 

Harris is so honored to be named UT Pet of the Month. He’s looking forward to many more adventures in 2021 and the years ahead!