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Our Favorite Gear for Dogs

Urban Tailz has tried all the harnesses, leashes, and varieties of pet gear over the years. We’ve put together a list of our 10 favorite pet gear to enhance your pet’s life.

Easy Walk Harness

The Easy Walk harness is by far our favorite harness. It is a great tool that gives you more control over your pet, and it really helps with pulling while out on a walk. All of the UT crew have one.

Weiss Walkie

If you’re choosing a collar over a harness, we always suggest a Weiss Walkie leash which is a leash and harness in one. It clips to your pet’s collar like a normal leash, then wraps around your pet’s chest, and is secured through a loop at the top. It provides extreme security and control.

Cycle Dog Leash

We love the Cycle Dog Leash. They also have collars and harnesses. It’s recycled bike wheel tubing that makes for a super sturdy and germ free leash that will last forever. It also has a great grip and drys quickly because of the rubber. Available in a zillion colors as well!

Pawz Boots

Pawz Boots are what we always suggest to clients when they’re asking about boots for their pets to wear in the winter. They protect your dog’s paws from salt, they’re easy to put on, and they’re cheap vs. regular boots. A pack should get you through the winter no problem!

Dog Gone Smart Dirty Dog Shammy

The Dirty Dog Shammy is perfect for after baths or to keep near your front door to wipe those dirty paws after a muddy walk. It keeps your hands clean, it’s easy to use, and it’s more absorbent than a regular towel.

Kong Toys

The Kong Toy is an obvious choice. It allows dogs to chew on something, and it can be filled with peanut butter or Kong filling to keep a dog busy for a few minutes. Our favorite thing to do is fill it with peanut butter and then throw it in the freezer. Then you’re pet has a frozen snack that will take them a little extra time to eat.

Deer or Elk antler

Is your dog a chewer? Get them a Deer or Elk antler then! Dogs love to chew on them, they last forever, and the chewing is great for getting rid of plaque on a dog’s teeth.

Chuck It!

If your dog loves to play fetch, then a Chuck It is a must. The long handle allows you to throw the ball further than you would normally.

Toss and Float Toy

If your dog loves to fetch and loves the water, then a Toss and Float toy is a perfect game to bring to the lake. They are all made of durable nylon that will stand up to the biggest of chewers.

Grooming Glove

A grooming glove is the perfect tool to get off that extra hair or to use while you’re giving your dog a bath at home. It keeps your hand dry, gets the soap into the hair, gives some soothing scratches, and will get off all that extra hair sitting on your dog. Your drain may not like it, but your dog will!

Urban Tailz believes any of this pet gear will help to enrich your pet’s life!

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