We at Urban Tailz believe that training your pets is one of the most important things you should do to ensure you have a happy and healthy pup. Training your pet creates a bond, lets your pet know who’s the boss, and also allows your pet to relax and realize you’re in control.

Many times there are pets with anxiety that could be fixed with proper training. A dominant dog with anxiety can be helped immensely with training because they will come to understand that you’re the alpha of your pack, and that they can trust you and know that you’ll take care of the situation.

A dominant dog with anxiety sees any outside influence (someone ringing the doorbell, a dog across the street, a stranger entering your home, that thunder and lightening during a storm) as something they need to deal with, so this builds up stress for them. By training your pups, they will come to realize that you’re the dominant figure in your pack, and that you will handle any outside influence. This greatly reduces the amount of stress your dog will face because they learn to trust your authority.

Every dog benefits from structure and guidance, but it’s especially important for those pups who believe they’re the leader of your pack. You owe it to your babies to give them this structure and guidance!