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Tips: Urban Tailz shares its favorite tips and tricks for creating healthy and happy dogs and cats.


Cat Toys & Accessories

Cat toys & Accessories. Who doesn’t love spoiling their cats? UT runs down our favorite cat toys and accessories.

rita the dog sleeping on her back on the couch with yellow blanket keeping her warm

House Sitting vs. Boarding

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Thinking of taking a trip soon after getting vaccinated? We go over the benefits of in-home house sitting vs taking your pet to a kennel.

a yellow lab and a terrier mix on an adventure dog walk with luscious trees and a river in the background

Our Favorite Adventure Gear

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We treat our Adventure Walks like hikes (because they basically are). As such, we like to come prepared with water, snacks and durable dog gear. It also doesn’t hurt to have a towel in the trunk just in case.

white Cavapoo on an adventure dog walk with tall grasses in the background

Choose Your Own Adventure

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We’ve scoped out all the forest preserves and lakefront paths near Chicago. We give you our top list of places to take your pets on an Adventure Dog Walk.

canned pumpkin for tummy troubles

Canned Pumpkin for Tummy Troubles

With the leaves turning, the temperatures dropping and the Oktoberfests flowing, you might be wondering, “Where can I buy pumpkin spiced dog food?”