Sisters Kaala and Sophia are UT's June Pets of the Month. Sophia Petrillo, a beautiful brown brindle pit mix, was rescued in 2014. She enjoys sunbathing, smothering everyone with kisses, and yoga (dog yoga). Due to her senior status she's been known to clear a room...her catch phrase has now become "'scuse my poots". She can be a little timid at first, but is a total sweetheart once she gets to know you. 

Kaala, our shiny loving black lab/Brittany mix, was adopted as a puppy from good old Minnesota, but has not retained her accent. She is extremely photogenic and loves to strike a pose. She rarely gets out of bed for less than $5000, but can be swayed by the sound of running shoes. She's got tons of energy and loves her walks. She's also a big people lover!

Posted by Erik Johnson.