Hi everyone, my name is Summer Tatlici and am currently a dog walker.  The past several months have led to many changes and luckily enough I have been able to play and visit with some of your dogs each day.  In addition to walking dogs, my husband and I owe a small business (more about this later ☺ ).

I am originally from Indiana; however, for most of my adult life I have lived abroad.  Recently I moved to Chicago from Dubai, so the weather has been quite an adjustment to put that lightly.  Who knew you needed so  many clothes each week!  Chicago is a fantastic city and has been so much fun discovering and exploring.  

Now back to my passion….animals!  My entire life I have found myself rescuing, re-homing and generally being involved with animals in some capacity.  My poor mom would always find me with some animal and trying to convince her that they needed to stay with us.  While I was in Dubai, I worked with my best friend on a Rescue Organization for dogs and cats and was so excited to be able to walk dogs once I was in Chicago.  Each day, I enjoy spending time with a few of your dogs.  There is nothing better than a dog kiss!  

I own a boutique business called Pacha Towels where we sell hand-loomed Turkish towels that are perfect for the beach, bath, yoga and boating.  This summer we are at several festivals and markets in the Chicago area and would love to see everyone and of course your dogs!  You can find us at www.pachatowels.com.

Posted by Erik Johnson.