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Hey everone, my name is Kelson McAuliffe and I am a dog walker. And for some of you I am your dog walker. I have been working with Urban Tailz for three years now and it has been a wonderful experience and job for someone who loves animals as much as I do. Suprisingly enough, as lucky as I am to be in my current position with wonderful dogs and clients everyday, it is not my real passion. But lets back track a bit..

I'm not from Chicago. I am not even from Illinois. I'm from the East Coast, specifically the Baltimore, Maryland area. I miss the green and the hills every. single. day. I grew up there with my rather large family; Mom, Dad, three brothers, and a sister. I am also an identical twin. My family is four generations of Chiropractors, so I guess you could call it the family trade. But I was a little different, and wanted to do something different, and so came about my real passion (outside of being your dog walker of course) and the thing I ended up going to college for , Acting.

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This is how I ended up all the way out here. I went to U of I Urbana-Champaign and got my BFA in acting. To say it was anything short of one of the best experiences and decisions of my life is an understatment. After four years, and with all the connections I made while there, and securing myself representation, I found my self in a little apartment in Rogers Park on the north side of Chicago. Shout out to my beautiful agents over at Grossman & Jack Talent (

When I graduated, along with a couple other graduates from my class, we did what any "logical" young passionate actor/theater nerd would do: opened up our own theater company. About a month before we graduated, Definition Theatre Company was born, and we have not stopped growing or pushing the limits of Chicago's theater scene and our own boundaries since then (SHAMLESS PLUG

Since then its been such a journey. I've had my ups and my downs, like everyone else. I've worked crappy jobs before I found myself in comfort at Urban Tailz. I've been on TV shows, commercials, even Amazon Prime, but I've also gone months without an audition. The ups and downs will continue, but everyday I get to see guys and girls who count on me and look forward to my arrival every single day. Your dogs. And no matter what my situation is, they never fail to put a smile on my face, and everyhing is alright.

Unless its -20 outside. I don't think anyone is happy about that. Including your dogs.

- Kelson


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Posted by Erik Johnson.