We got Boba when he was 12 weeks old.  His mama is a black and white shih-tzu and his dad is a long haired tan chihuahua.

My family has a strict tradition of "B" names for pets.  We were going to name him Miso or Atari, but my dad was very upset we were going to break the tradition.  Qi came up with Boba, from boba tea.  Boba was 2 Lbs when we got him and he was a jet black fur ball.....like the little black tapioca balls in boba tea.  We also like Boba Fett.  He has many other nicknames, like Monkey, Chicken, Stink, Muffin, Bobles, etc. 

We should've named him Ribbit because he leads with his tongue.  He doesn't discriminate. He will give kisses to anyone who's willing and available.

Boba loves to cuddle with us and play fetch.

-Dana C.


Posted by Erik Johnson.