My sister Trisha rescued Boca when he was less than a week old.  He's the one with the white on his chest in the photos.  We bottled fed him until he could eat solid food and I can't believe he just turned 15!!  Despite a birth defect called cerebellar hypoplasia that makes him lose his balance, Boca is a happy, purring, affectionate sweet prince.  He waits by the door in his sun-drenched cat bed for me to come home at night and follows me everywhere, no matter how many times I go back and forth from one end of the house to the other.

Two years ago, we welcomed Tess to our family.  A rescue from PAWS, this spunky bobtail immediately made it her business to take care of Boca.  She seldom leaves his side and can often be found giving him a bath or sharing a peanut butter treat.  She loves to sit in your lap to watch a football game or distract you from the book you're trying to read.

It's such a blessing to have these adoring, cuddly kitties as part of my life.  Please consider rescuing your next pet!

-Melissa T.


Posted by Erik Johnson.