The Tale of Penny & Squeaks

Penny came into my life the week before Xmas 2011. I was dropping off food & toys at PAWS and saw a sad, bedraggled little orangey in the window. She had been left in the parking lot in a cardboard box and was kind of a mess, with missing fur and a bad cold. I had only recently lost my senior cat and wasn’t planning to adopt again so soon, but I immediately thought “this sad critter needs a home.” 

Once Penny had recovered to full kitten strength (PAWS estimated she was 2, but it turned out she was only 8 months old!) I discovered she was not only beautiful and sweet but also CRAZY. She was bouncing off the walls with energy, and I felt guilty for being gone so much of the day. I decided she might like a feline friend to keep her company, so in the fall Squeaks appeared on the scene.

Squeaks (aka Squeakers) was another rescue. The foster mom was very attached and begged me not to change her name, so she remains Squeaks to this day. It’s an appropriate moniker since she is a little chatterbox and she always seems to be disgruntled about something. 

Penny and Squeaks have very different personalities (Penny is glamorous and sophisticated and can leap into the rafters with ease, Squeaks is noisy and goofy and often rolls off the kitchen counter) but they complement each other perfectly. 

They love chasing each other around the house and napping together (with me as a divider of course). Squeaks is definitely Penny’s favorite toy, occasionally to Squeaks’ dismay. But she is always a good sport about it. They are hilarious and adorable and I love them both to pieces!

Favorite hobbies include:

  • Licking plastic bags

  • Sprawling on the heated bathroom floor

  • Ruining things

  • Blocking my computer

  • Snuggling & being adorable

  • Skidding across the floor in pursuit of treats

  • Climbing inside luggage and refusing to exit

  • Puncturing my legs with claws while "making biscuits”

  • Naps

  • Judging me (Penny)

  • Meowing incessantly about nothing (Squeaks)

Posted by Erik Johnson.