We at Urban Tailz have seen a disturbing trend in Chicago the past few years with more and more people walking their dogs off-leash throughout the city. We have found that 90% of all the dog to dog issues we face on a daily basis are because a dog who is off-leash tries to come up and say hi to a dog who is not particularly friendly. Our walkers are then faced with having to keep their furry friend away from a dog off-leash while the owner makes their way over to get their pet. 

Chicago is one of the most pet-friendly cities in the US, and there are so many wonderful pups roaming our great streets, so this disturbing trend is an issue for not only the people with pets who aren't friendly with other dogs, but also those friendly dogs who are just going up to say hi. It's the responsibility of all dog owners to keep control of their pets while they are out in public areas of the city, and that is just not possible to do when their pet is off-leash. 

Please be a responsible pet owner and keep your pet leashed while out on walks. Every dog deserves to have a safe and wonderful time out on their walks!

Posted by Erik Johnson.