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October Pet of the Month: Missy

missy dog october pet of the month

October Pet of the Month

I’m Missy (aka Miss Miss, Princess Licky Licky, or St. Stubbornicus III). I’ve lived with a couple of different families already but it seems third time’s a charm. Thanks, Orphans of the Storm!

I love my Urban Tailz friends. They’ve been taking care of me for six years and give me extra special love now that my heart’s not so good and I’m missing half my teeth. That doesn’t stop me from playing pranks on them. I love to do my spot-on impersonation of a boat anchor or a ball and chain when new friends try to walk me. Soon, though, I drop the act and look forward to ambling down the street together, smelling the fresh air, enjoying a nice breeze and getting in all the great cuddles and belly rubs.

When not guarding my dad or napping, I love SnapChatting with my mom and sister.