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May Pet of the Month: Jerry

pet of the month jerry laying on a bed with his head resting comfortably in his paws

May Pet of the Month

Jerry came into our lives after we experienced some difficult times about 3 years ago. He is from Oklahoma originally and hitched a ride with his pals in a Sprinter van heading to NYC to meet us in Queens. We fell in love immediately. We have travelled and moved around a whole bunch since getting him but he always made wherever we ended up, home. It’s a bit hard to gain his trust but once you do he will show you his sweet side. So sweet in fact that one of his many nicknames is Sweet Jerry Wine . He’s a great snuggler and knows exactly when you need his affection. He loves to play catch with his ball and chase birds. He knows a handful of tricks and will show you if you give him treats. He’s a little rascal and we love him!