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April Pet of the Month: Milo

close-up of dog with tongue out

April pet of the month

Milo is the most affectionate, goofy, friendly, smart and lovable 11 month Mini Bernedoodle who weighs in at a whopping 43 pounds (mostly fur) and loves to play and make friends with humans and doggos.

Milo loves to cuddle at all times and especially loves post nap cuddles. His favorite activity is walks all year round, playing with “furriends” and fetching ball. In eleven months through this pandemic, Milo has walked all over Logan Square, Humboldt Park, West Town, Lakeview and hiked in Lake Geneva. A friendly neighbor stopped by and asked him to run as the Mayor of Logan Square, what do y’all think?

Milo loves his walks with his human BFF- Ben from Urban Tailz. Milo loves his litter-mate/brother, Benji, who lives in West Loop and they often meet for play dates. His favorite treats are cheese, coconut based or freeze dried food and enjoys working and interactive play for them. He doesn’t care much for baths but loves visiting his groomers at Sydnee’s. He insists that his Maw and Paw could better spend their time giving him belly rubs rather than being on zoom calls. People love Milo’s adorable demeanor and wiggly butt. Mom and Dad are forever thankful that they get to have Milo as their fur baby, cuddle with him and enjoy his unconditional love every day. Milo also has an Instagram- it’s Milo the Dood (@milo_our_dood)

-Maw -Priya and Paw- Rajeev