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February Pet of the Month: Toulouse

february pet of the month toulouse is a white pitbull who is standing on her hind legs with her tongue hanging out and a big smile on her face

February Pet of the Month

Toulouse or Lou or mama or chicken nugget is the best, goofy, lovable, big derp out there, a American Bulldog/ Staffie mix with a total misunderstanding of her size. I adopted Lou from PAWS in 2019 on Clear the Shelters Day.

Lou gave birth to a litter of puppies right before being dropped off at Animal Welfare League with another dog (the vet think she’s had at least 2 litters before I rescued her!). She was still recovering when she came home from PAWS, but adjusted quickly – even to her new roommates (Harry, a chonky ginger cat, and Sally, a sassy black cat).

She’s a 70 pound lap dog and wants to cuddle at all times. Her favorite place in the world is the lake, although she’s not the best swimmer, so, a life jacket is a must for her longer swims. Her favorite snacks are cheese, dental treats, and romaine lettuce. The only things Lou doesn’t like are nail trims and skippy peanut butter (I know, I’ve never met a dog who discriminated against a brand of peanut butter, either). She can be a bit loud and will scream at you to get your attention (like when you’re on important zoom calls) and snores louder than any dog (or person) I’ve ever met. But, that doesn’t matter because Lou brings a smile to everyone she meets with her little wiggly butt and I’m forever thankful that I get to cuddle and spoil her everyday.

Also, like any good dog these days, she has an Instagram- it’s @pibble_me_this