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December Pets of the Month: Pippa & Crosby

december 2020 pets of the month

December Pets of the Month

With a combined weight of 140lbs there’s nothing stopping these two from sleeping in bed with their parents and taking up all the room on the couch. 
Crosby, a 10 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback is a complex soul. Fiercely loyal to her ride or die’s, Crosby spends her time outsmarting most humans which leads to regular treats and everyone succumbing to what she wants to do. Even though she’s slowed down the last couple of years, no one moves faster when there’s a bowl of uneaten food lying around or when Erik comes to try and take her for some exercise.  
Pippa on the other hand would swap treats for a cuddle in a heartbeat. This 5 year old Paws rescue might be the complete opposite to her older sister but has been the gift that keeps on giving for stubborn Crosby and her parents.  When Pippa isn’t sitting on the front step waiting for her BFFs Erik, Zoey, Rita and Louie to pop by for an adventure, you’ll find her disrupting Crosby’s naps, chewing something she shouldn’t be or cuddling up to her extremely lucky parents. 
This month Pippa and Crosby will be welcoming a two-legged brother or sister into the world for the very first time. Their parents however don’t view this as their first, but now their third. 

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