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November Pet of the Month: Sadie

pet of the month sadie

November Pet of the Month

Sadie is a former PAWS rescue and celebrated her 5th Gotcha Day on March 30th.  Her owners are pretty sure she is 7 years old, but you would never know it if you saw her do one of her “pogo jumps” when it is time for her kibbles. 

Sadie’s favorite things are being near her humans and enjoying all of the comforts of her forever home.  She loves to follow her humans from room to room and lay down in her favorite comfy spot while she waits for some belly rubs. When Sadie wants you to pet her, she does a motion that looks like she is giving you her paw, but she’s really just asking you to pet her (in fact, she gets very confused if you try to shake her paw in response to her asking for pets).  She also loves sitting in the sunshine, sniffing on walks, and playing with her two favorite toys: a stuffed turtle named “turtles”, and a stuffed flying pig named “piggies”. 

Sadie has found a silver lining in the Covid-19 dumpster fire in that she gets to spend so much more time with her humans and gets to go on even more walks.

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