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August Pets of the Month: Darth and Cry

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August Pets of the Month

Pets of the Month Cry and Darth are enjoying the retired life after spending their first several years as racing greyhounds.  Cry, age 10 and formerly known as Lazy K Cry, is the faster of the two, still tearing up the small yard like it’s her own personal track!  (RIP my grass … )  Darth, age 8 and formerly known as TNT Gunsmoke, wasn’t a very good racer – his handler once described him as “ALWAYS LAST” – but he’s tied for first in the race for best pup of the house!
Cry joined the family in 2015, and Darth followed in 2017.  Both were adopted from Greyhounds Only Rescue. In 2018, we discovered that they’re actually half-siblings and share the same sire, but they couldn’t be more different dogs!  It’s been such a treat to see their personalities begin to shine after some time adjusting to being a pet.  They both spend 20 hours a day sleeping, so it’s easy to see why people call greyhounds the 40mph couch potatoes!
Cry, aka Crogurt / Crog, is the more mischievous dog, outsmarting her hoomans to avoid taking her baby aspirin or coercing them into agreeing to a “timeshare” arrangement for the people beds.  She gets the beds during the day, the hoomans get them at night … as it should be, though she’s usually willing to share if someone asks nicely.  Cry goes crazy for marshmallows, especially if they’re clandestinely acquired, and snowballs thrown like tennis balls.  
Darth, aka Darf / Dorf / DumDum, is quite possibly the dumbest dog you will ever meet, but he’s got a great personality.  On his first day with the family, he got spooked by a tin can rolling down the street while on a walk.  He is a shadow dog, following his hoomans around the house just to be close by.  He wakes his hoomans up in the morning by resting his head on the bed next to their faces and just staring … both adorable and a little creepy.  Darth is at his happiest when new hoomans come to visit.
Cry and Darth would be thrilled to know that they’re being featured here, but they were too excited about the extra treats and nuzzles that came with the news to give it a second thought.  They love their Urban Tailz family – shoutout to Martha, Jessie, Alex, and the rest of the gang!

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