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July Pet of the Month: Juniper

juniper july pet of the month

July Pet of the Month

Meet Juniper. She is a 7-year-old English labrador retriever. She is spunky, goofy, and sweet as can be.

Juniper’s favorite activities are chasing and smelling her siblings, playing fetch, kiddie pools, hanging out under toddler high chairs, and long walks in the neighborhood. She dislikes the vacuum cleaner. That is all.

Juniper responds to most iterations of her name, including Junie, Junes, and Juni-pop, but most of all, she responds to smiles, tummy scratches, and anyone who wants to have fun, especially in the under-5 set.

Her dog mom, Sarah, thought she was named Juniper because she came home at 8 weeks old in June (2013), but her dog dad, Bill, claims it is because he likes a good gin martini, and juniper is a primary flavor in gin. Her hypothetical future dog sister may or may not be named Olive, so that together they can be the Martini Sisters.

Juniper has been with Urban Tailz since she was a puppy, and she is so honored to be the July Pet of the Month!

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