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October Pet of the Month: Tycho

Tycho is an energetic, 3-year-old rescue, who originates from Puerto Rico. Tycho made his way over to the suburbs of Chicago in the fall of 2016 and instantly captured the heart of his owner. Tycho was named after the low-fi musician, Tycho, due to his quiet and gentle nature. You see, Tycho is a man of consistency, and likes to slowly ease into new things and new people. Tycho does not like “new” things, like a new fan in the window, a misplaced piece of furniture, or any commotion outside his home. Tycho will quietly slink away to hide under the bed if something unusual arises.

Tycho appreciates the quiet and simple life. His favorite thing is surrounding himself with all of his toys and then taking a quick snooze. Tycho likes to binge Oliver the Beagle videos on YouTube during his downtime. If you are one of his trusted confidants, he will give you a sweet “boop” by bumping his head between your legs as a sign of affection.

Tycho loves to investigate new smells and can’t wait for his frequent walks around his quiet Lakeview neighborhood. He can’t wait to meet his fellow dog neighbors on these walks. Word has it that he loves forcing his owner to have awkward small talk with fellow dog owners by lying down and refusing to move until the oncoming dog comes over to say “hi”. Thanks, Tycho. His favorite place is the Montrose Park Dog Beach where he’ll go from galloping around like a fool, to playing with a new dog friend, to taking a quick dip into Lake Michigan to chase a few waves.

Tycho is just thrilled to be the October Pet of the Month and he loves his Urban Tailz friends! Tycho truly adores his dog walker, Willy, and if he happens to see him in the neighborhood during Willy’s time off, Tycho will drag you down the block to ensure he can say “hi” to Willy and give him a good “boop”.


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