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august pet of the month

August Pet of the Month: Sandy Paws

Sandy Paws is a total ham, so of course he was overjoyed to be chosen as Pet of the Month by Urban Tailz for August. He is a big, furry Golden Retriever born in Madison, Wisconsin. He is 6 years old, but prematurely a little gray around the eyes. Don’t let his old doggy face fool you, though, because he is still a puppy at heart. His favorite things are: tennis balls, treats, swimming, snoozing, and his humans. In that order. Like many Goldens, he is a “velcro dog” and will follow his humans all over the house and would probably join them in the shower if they let him.

Sandy Paws was named after the song “Kidnap the Sandy Claws” from Tim Burton’s stop motion classic The Nightmare Before Christmas, and his parents continue to incorporate his name into all kinds of songs to entertain themselves. Christmas songs work especially well, of course. Sandy has nicknames, including but not limited to: Randy Paws, Sandalwood, Doodlebug, and most recently “Egg Boy” after helping himself to six whole (peeled!) hard-boiled eggs from the kitchen counter.

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