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July Pets of the Month: Coconut and Ellie

pets of the month

Coconut and Ellie: July Pets of the Month

Our Nutty Buddies are super honored to be chosen as the Pets of the Month! Thank you so much for this celebration of our wonderful Nuts that aren’t nuts!

Fun fact: a coconut is actually a drupe fruit, not a nut! Like the coconut, our Coconut is brown and white, but unlike a coconut, she loves to cuddle, especially in the wintertime, and is a floof–she’s at her fluffiest right after a bath. Coco is an Australian Shepherd mix, adopted from One Tail at a Time back in 2014 as a companion for her big sister, Peanut (2009-2017) (fun fact: peanuts are legumes!). Coco loves playing with other dogs and greeting people and is just wonderfully sweet through and through.

Entering middle age at 7yo now, Coco often demonstrates how a proper lady of her bearing and status should behave, crossing her paws every time she lies down. She loves her Kong chew toys, playing with her little sister Ellie, and taking lots of puppy naps (especially on the bedroom pillows!). Coconut takes her daytime responsibilities of guarding the couch very seriously, but also loves tussling with Ellie in the evenings.

Ellie (short for Nutella) is probably the nuttiest of the bunch. She is a 3yo Goldendoodle mix that was adopted from As Good As Gold in 2018. We call her our little goober due to her goofy but sweet personality and her innocence and obliviousness to what’s going on at times. One of her favorite activities is to sprawl on her back, whip her body back and forth, and grab her tail to teach it a lesson.

Ellie is also a trained acrobat! She’s demonstrated amazing proficiency at standing on her hind legs and spinning, sprinting down the hallway and jumping over the couch, and walking the tightrope, aka the tops of our back couch cushions. When she’s not being hyperactive and licking everything she gets her tongue on, she also loves to cuddle (often by sitting on you or), curl up for naps (often with her sister), and eat anything and everything within reach!

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