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June Pet of the Month: Knuckles

Often mistaken for Scooby Doo, June Pet of the Month Knuckles flaunts an oversized head and perma-pup sized body. Knuckles is a creature of comfort and much prefers the safety of the indoors to the harsh unknown of the wild (unless there are no city sounds and he’s provided a pool of water to play in).

Knuckles was probably born in January 2017 somewhere in Chicago, but little is known about his time as a wee pup. He was surrendered to animal control in June 2017, but thanks to One Tail at a Time he was intercepted before he even made it through the shelter door! Knuckles was happily rescued by his parents in July 2017 and currently resides in Logan Square where he gets more attention and forced cuddles than he knows what to do with.

What else is there to know about this wild and crazy guy, you ask? Here are some fun facts straight from the Knucklehead himself:


Jumping into bodies of water (unless it’s porcelain and spits water from a spout)

Licking doggy faces

Licking the top of my dad’s head (I’m very strange)

Destroying squeakers and anything stuffed with fluff

Spinning in circles

Grazing on grass (I was a cow in a past life)

Doing every trick I know (before you ask) to coax a treat

Sun naps and cozy blankets

Very short walks… like, we reached the sidewalk? Okay, I’m good.

Deep sighs and furrowed brows

Trying to get the vacuum to bark back

Shredding the cardboard recycling when mom and dad are away

Visits to the vet (again, admittedly strange)

Amanda – my favorites Urban Tailz scratch and snuggle buddy


The sound of a single raindrop falling somewhere in the distance

The wind


The noises my own footsteps make

Being fed after 6pm

When the car slows down but doesn’t stop to let me out

My all time nemesis…. the metal beast on sticks… The EL

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