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November pets of the Month: Max and Molly

pets of the month

November Pets of the Month

November Pets of the Month Max and Molly are brother and sister, and were being fostered by a family friend in 2012. They were found in an abandoned truck with three other pups from the same litter. We took one look at their squishy faces and fell in love! We adopted them as soon as we could and have never regretted it.

Max’s favorite pastimes include running in circles full-speed, wrestling, and chewing sticks, while Molly prefers to patrol the backyard for squirrels, birds, and the occasional cat. Molly will do just about anything for a treat, while Max is less eager and occasionally lets his sister have his. Both of them love cuddle time, though – the tighter the space the better for Max!

Not a day goes by that they don’t make us smile and laugh – I can’t imagine our home without them!

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