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October Pet of the Month: Lulu

pet of the month lulu

October Pet of the Month

October Pet of the Month Lulu was her mom’s first foster with One Tail at a Time and she failed miserably. There was no way she could give her up after spending two weeks with her goofy, loving personality.

Since then, Lu has continued to bring incredible joy and love to her mom. She is an active dog that has had to deal with some leg issues, but has stayed positive through all of it. She loves to run around in the park and greet every person prior to their dog. Her favorite activity is to play fetch in the water. She won’t fetch unless it happens with water and some swimming and then she is absolutely obsessed.

When she isn’t running around she is doing what she does best in acting like she is a lap dog. She is a great snuggle partner and hugger despite not recognizing her size. She is partial to other small dogs, given she thinks she is one as well. All around is an loving small dog stuck in a big dogs body. She has her own Instagram @im_lu_bear.

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