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December Pet of the Month

What an honor to be Pet of the Month especially in the fun month of Christmas! In fact, this is my very first Christmas, and I cannot wait to open presents and eat things off the tree when I’m not supposed to.

My name is Cubby Wolverine Geller. No, I’m not named after the Chicago Cubs or the actress Sarah Michelle Gellar. Rather, my CubbyParents thought I looked like a little bear cub when they came to pick me up so they named me Cubby. My middle name is after the Michigan Wolverines where my CubbyDad went to school. I figured it’s better than being Cubby “Orange” Geller which is the mascot where my CubbyMom went to graduate school…

I am a 6-month-old mini F1-B goldendoodle. This means that I’m part poodle, part goldendoodle and all parts crazy little monster. I was born in Peoria and came to live with my CubbyParents, who were really excited to bring me home. They take really good care of me, but they work long hours sometimes so they send their friends from Urban Tailz to come play with me.

I love to play with Ashley and Amalia, who always take me on fun walks, but my favorite friend is Mercedes! When my CubbyParents go out of town, she comes to sleep over, and we have the best time! She always makes sure to send my CubbyParents text messages and videos so they can see what I’m doing, and she even drew me a picture.

Some fun facts about me?

FAVORITE FOOD: Plain, pulled chicken baked by my CubbyDad cause I’m spoiled. Or, slightly used socks.

FAVORITE ACTIVITIES: Chasing my favorite toy Mr. Moose down the hallway, chowing down on a Kong filled with delicious peanut butter or waking up at 2:37 a.m. and barking until I’m taken outside to go to the bathroom.

BIGGEST FEAR: Stairs and the cone of shame.

GREATEST ACCOMPLISHMENT: Learning to go potty outside my house. Apparently my CubbyParents REALLY wanted me to learn how to do that. My poop must be extremely valuable, because my friends from Urban Tailz always follow me around outside, get excited and happy when I poop, pick up it up, and place it in a special trashcan.

BIGGEST REGRET: Not picking up that great stick this morning on my walk. That guy would’ve been the talk of the neighborhood pups.

ONE THING MY CUBBYPARENTS DON’T KNOW: I’ve hid at least 4 pairs of socks around the house.

BEST MEMORY: Spending the Thanksgiving weekend with my girl Mercedes from Urban Tailz! We played so much, snugged and just had the best time! Love her!

My CubbyMom has a thing for social media so make sure you follow me on Instagram at @cubbythedoodle!

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