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November Pet of the Month

We had just said goodbye to our greyhound, Pike (who Ben walked for almost 8 years), and went to donate his leftover medication at the Emerald Kennels, which is where his adoption group, Greyhounds Only, boards hounds newly arrived from tracks in Florida and other parts of the country.

We had no plans to get another dog so soon, but went in back to take a look at all of greyhounds to cheer ourselves up. There were almost 40 dogs. In one of the crates, there was an impish little face desperately trying to get our attention – pawing at the crate, thumping her tail, and tracking us as we walked across the room. Her racing name was All Heart, and that seemed like a sign.

She was such a happy little thing, and we were so heartbroken, that we offered to foster her, straight off the racetrack! It seemed like the right thing to do, and the best tribute we could pay to Pike for being such a wonderful friend.

Two days after bringing her home, we signed the adoption papers (and called Urban Tailz to get back on Ben’s route stat)!

While Pike was a distinguished old gentleman, Heart is a mischievous little monkey who enjoys swallowing socks whole, hurling herself into our bed at 6am, running through the house at top speed and body slamming us when we get home from work, and sprawling out on her many dog beds like a cockroach to encourage belly rubs. Oh, and of course her daily walks with her buddy, Ben!

She brings us joy every day and has truly lived up to her name.

Heart’s racing info



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