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pet of the month cooper

September Pet of the Month

I’m Cooper, a seven year-old Pocket Beagle. I was born June 10, 2009 in Wentzville, Missouri. That makes me a Gemini, which means I’m a good friend. My family picked me out when I was three weeks old – I was really little! I grew up in St. Louis, and still visit there often. We moved to Chicago in November 2014, and now I live in Lakeview. I’m pretty laid back, and I have a great life – I get to sleep on the furniture, ride in the car, and basically have the run of the place! I get to go for walks, and everybody stops to talk to me – everybody loves beagles, especially little ones! They always think I’m a puppy – and then they comment on my underbite!

What I really like to do is cuddle – I sleep under the covers at night, and snuggle next to Mom or Dad on the couch until bedtime. But the thing I like best is when my dad scratches my ears.

I really like it when Leann comes to take me for walks – it makes my day! She always comes, no matter the weather, and we cruise the neighborhood, meeting all the other dogs. When we’re done, we go home for a treat! She’s my best friend!

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